How Do I Batch Rename Digital Photos ?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:33 04 Sep 2004

Digital photos are saved in the form DSC00001,DSC0002 and so on.

This is fine untill I want to add the next batch of photots to the same folder and then I'm faced with duplicate file names.

Up untill know I've been right-clicking and renaming them indvidually but it's soooo tedious !

How can I batch re-number them please ?

Will windows do it or do I have to get third party software ?

  The Spires 22:59 04 Sep 2004

Select all the photos, right click the top one while still selected & rename the file, they will all have the same name but numbered as in... Blackpool (1) & so on.

  hssutton 23:00 04 Sep 2004

This will do it for you click here

Once you've copied the photos to your HD, do you format the memory card?

If so, I think that's why you get duplicate filenames.

With my camera, I simply delete the photos and the filenames just continue to run sequentially.

  penny 00:32 05 Sep 2004

You should be able to set your camera to carry on counting from where it left off or start from number 1 again.

  Taff36 10:30 06 Sep 2004

click here CKRename will do this for you. Excellent programme I use to rename all my site photographs. Quite adaptable too.

  Pesala 11:17 06 Sep 2004

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