How do I backup??

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 18:00 25 May 2003


I'm not very PC knowledgable. I need to reboot my PC but before I do I need to save some of my data.

I want to save some files and all my emails from Outlook Express. I don't want to Backup everything.

How can I do this?? I have tried to save the data using Nero but It keeps locking my machine. The only reliable cd burner I have is Acoustic Mp3 but obiously can't burn data.

Can anyone explain step by step (sorry!) how I can do this.

Thanks. I am using Windows 98.

  Gongoozler 18:10 25 May 2003

Hi. I think you need to resolve your Nero burning problem before we try to decide what to back up, because you will probably need a fairly large capacity backup medium. Can you tell us more about what you do to burn a disk with Nero. Do you have InCD with your Nero software because this could make your backing up easier.

Unless you keep all your files in a common folder such as "My Documents" you will need to identify what files you want to save. E.g. are they all Word files?

The easiest way to save your emails is to locate all files with a .dbx extension and save them all to a folder that you create for the purpose. Dont forget to make a note of all your internet settings. But first try to resolve your Nero problem, or get another hard drive to back up to.

  Granger 18:12 25 May 2003
  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 20:06 25 May 2003


My Nero keeps saying that it can't do End Disc???

No matter what I try to burn!

It is a total joke!

How do you guys backup your data?

  timothywilliam 20:35 25 May 2003

I suddenly realised the other day that if my computer failed I would lose all my Address Book and E-Mail contact details and addresses.
It was abit labourious but I copied everything into a file and then printed it out and put the hard copy in my desk.
At least now if everything went belly up I will be able to contact people. It isn't until such a horrible event happens it makes you realise how important these things are.

  Granger 23:35 25 May 2003

I splashed out on an Iomega USB2 external HDD. I then searched high and low on this forum for backup software, then tried most of them out. I decided Handy Backup was the best. It runs automatically once a day (or whatever schedule you want) and backs up everything I want. I don't even notice it happen, but all my data's there, as proper individual files which I can take away and use elsewhere. Including outlook.pst!

  Gongoozler 06:58 26 May 2003

I have a partition on my hard drive that I use for backing up my Windows and installed programs. Although not totally secure this is ok for me because all this is recoverable as I also have all the installation software on cd. My data is all saved to another partition and I periodically burn this to cd using Nero.

Depending on the amoount of data you will need some reliable storage medium to back up. Up to about 700M you can burn to cd. Backup software will usually let you compress your data, but if there is a lot of data this may still need several disks. A second hard drive will let you store all your data however much there is. The cheapest would be a fixed drive, and you can get a caddy that will fit to your computer, and let you remove the drive so that there is less risk of it being damaged if the computer develops a fault. A USB drive is more expensive but more convenient and portable.

I am using Windows 98se, and use the backup facility included in that to back up my Windows and programs partition.

Nero is usually very reliable. What version are you using? There is very good help on Nero at click here

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 17:15 26 May 2003


Thanks for the advice.

I have now managed to download Cheetah and have backed up all the data I wanted except my Outlook Express emails and my AOL favorites.

Anyone know how I can save these. I thought that I had saved them by saving the whole Outlook File but when I tested it on another PC it just loads up Outlook and there are no emails there??

Again with AOL i save them but when I try them on another PC I just get an AOL standard Favorites file without my files!

Any help is gratefully received.

  Dave Bowman 17:37 26 May 2003

To find out where the PC is storing your Outlook Express mail do the following.


It tends to slow OE down a bit when it first opens but I always keep this folder on a separate drive. Individual e-mails can be saved as *.eml files but it is rather time consuming to do them one by one.

  jimv7 17:43 26 May 2003

Open outlook express, open address book/file/export/wab file point it to where you wish to save, ie, hard drive or floppy disk and save.

open outlook express/tools/maintainance/click on 'store folder' that will tell you where emails are stored.
You can then save them and then change where they are stored, on a partition od 2nd drive.

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 19:04 26 May 2003

Ok. So now they are saved in My Documents.

So if I burn them from My Documents will that work??

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