How do I back up e-mails

  yorkieval 19:53 03 Apr 2003

Hi, I am running windows xp home and outlook is my e-mail client. How can I back up my e-mails onto a CD....Thanks Val

  DieSse 20:07 03 Apr 2003

Look for the pst file - search for *.pst - it contains all the Outlook (not Outlook Express) information - not just emails. Then copy it to a CD.

  watchful 20:10 03 Apr 2003

Save the e-mails to My Pics and then you can copy to CD from picture tasks panel down left side.

  yorkieval 20:31 03 Apr 2003

DieSse , I have searched for the file *.pst and the search brings up 1 file which doesn't let me open it...?? Hi watchful, I have hundreds of e-mails that I want to save, would your method take ages?...

  watchful 20:33 03 Apr 2003

I think it probably would! I don't have that many myself.

  yorkieval 20:45 03 Apr 2003

DieSse, I have managed to put the file on a CD. but when I try and view the files on the CD it askes me which programe do I want to be able to open it. Have you any idea which one I choose. I had no idea it would be so difficult to back up e-mails!!!!....Thanks for all your trouble.....Val

  DieSse 21:03 03 Apr 2003

You done the backup - it's all OK. You can't just open a pst file - you use Outlook. When in Outlook, if you go to File - Open - then you can look at other pst files than the main active one.

You may or may not (don't know) be able to open it from the CD - you may have to put back onto the Hard Drive and make sure it's not Read Only first.

Not a problem tho' - you've done the biz and saved your work.

  yorkieval 07:58 04 Apr 2003

Hi DieSse, sorry to be a pain with this, but the reason I wanted to back them up onto a CD was to be able to put them back once I have done a format of the hard disk and then re-install windows. I have already backed everything else up, e.g. all my document and photos and everything so I assumed that I would be able to do the same thing with e-mails, you see I need all these e-mails back on my computer because I have to keep them as I work selling on E-Bay. Am I making sense......Val

  DieSse 08:53 04 Apr 2003

Understand you fine - it's not a problem at all. When you re-do your system, you can copy the pst file straight back onto the system, and your Outlook should look identical to how it did before. That's one of the beauties of the way it holds the data in a single file.

  yorkieval 09:10 04 Apr 2003

Oh! right. so I just pop in the CD and it will all go back in?...There is also a back-up facility with XP that seems to back up all the e-mails from time to time, I assume that they are held somewhere on the harddisk, will this also work the same way?..sorry to sound so vague but I dont understand much....Val

  DieSse 09:15 04 Apr 2003

You copy the pst file back into the same folder the new pst file has been created in. Do it before you start using Outlook in the new setup.

If necessiry, rename to old pst file to be the same as the new pst file (if it's not already) - then utlook should come on looking exactly the same as it dis when you made the copy.

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