how do i add a second hard drive

  woofwoofbark 12:46 17 Oct 2005

firstly , Im a novice pc user and want to add a second hard drive to my computer and dont know how .... I have a 40 gig HD that has been split to read as 2 drives C: & D: but a friend sold me another 40 gig HD which will double my capacity to 80 gig , i was wondering how to go about this ...... I have a dvdrom drive and a separate cd rom drive .... i see there is a grey cable connecting my DVD rom to HD and then to the motherboard plus the cd rom has a grey cable connecting straight to the motherboard the cable has a black connection socket in the middle , is this for a second HD ?

I am on windows xp home 512 ram amd athlon 1400 click here for my motherboard spec

hope this makes sence and forgive my comp iggnorance lol im just happy to get online and an extra hd space would be welcomed



  woofwoofbark 12:49 17 Oct 2005


can i increase the proccessor , i have a 1400 amd athlon and was wondering if it is possible to upgrade anytime in the future

thanks again


  ventanas 12:59 17 Oct 2005

The balck connector is there to add another drive, but its a bit more complicated with your system because you need to get both optical drives on the same channel, and the same with both HDD's The hard drive you have installed at the moment will be the primary master, you need to add the second hard drive as the primary slave. So go to device manager, and if you are sure that the dvd rom is sharing the master channel remove it and shut down the computer. Open it up and disconnect what I assume is the slave connector (grey) from the dvd drive. Adjust the jumper (very small pin connector) on the hard drive to be installed so that it is set to slave. (there should be a diagram printed on the drive) Fix into the machine and connect up both the grey connector on the ribbon cable and also a power supply. Do not reconnect the dvd drive yet. Switch on the pc and enter the bios. Look for the drive settings and set the new drive to enabled (save and exit). Continue to boot the machine, and check in device manager that the drive has been seen by the system. Then enter disc management (right click my computer\Manage\Disc Management. Locate the new drive, right click it and choose format. When asked give it a letter of your choice. When all done switch off the machine, open it up and reconnect the dvd drive to the spare connector on the secondary ribbon cable. If it is connected to the black connector the jumper must be set to master. If its to the grey connector set the jumper to slave. Resrat and the drive should be re-detected and off you go.

  woofwoofbark 14:15 17 Oct 2005

Hi , I have disconnected the grey cable from the DVD rom and now have this setup .... motherboard with blue connector to primary HD without connecting the end (black connector disconnected from the hard drive ) and have black connector on motherboard to slave HD and to the cd rom but device manager does not detect the slave HD ?

Have I set it up ok , or ??? sorry for iggnorance , I dont know much about comps ....

cheers for any further advice


  ventanas 14:31 17 Oct 2005

Blue connectors to the motherboard. Black to the master (primary and secondary). Grey to slave.

They should be connected as follows:

Primary. Black to master HDD; grey to slave HDD.

Secondary. Black to master optical drive; grey to slave optical drive. (it doesn't matter which way round you have these drives, but they should both be on the same channel).

From what you have said I cannot quite understand what you have done, but it doesn't appear to be right.

Also do not mess around changing drive status (master to slave) etc. without first removing it in device manager and switching off. Windows will get very confused if you do.

Make sure that the jumpers on all four drives are set correctly. If they are not the drives will not be detected. As I said earlier there should be a diagram on the casing of all the drives showing how the jumpers should be set. With some hard drives it is left off altogether. If this is the case make sure you don't forget where you put it, you may need it a some future date.

Windows should still see the new hard drive without enabling it in the bios, but I would recommend that you do so.

  spuds 14:44 17 Oct 2005

If this is your first build, then this may help click here

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