How Do I Add A PC To Existing Network?

  WiLL-A 15:27 13 Jan 2005

In my work place we have a server running Windows 2000 Server.

There are 4 x PCs running Windows XP Professional SP1 connected to the server via a Netgear Fast Ethernet Switch (model -FS108) which has 8 ports.

We now have a 5th PC to connect to the network and it is with this that I need help. What are the stages I need to go through in order to set it up properly?

I have experience of setting up a home network on 2 x WinXP machines which I found straight forward and have been using PC's for several years but networking was never an area I have had much experience in.

One of my colleagues tried unsucessfully to set this up but was getting an error message of some sort.

Anyone out there able to help?

  recap 15:45 13 Jan 2005

click here this may help?

  WiLL-A 16:01 13 Jan 2005

Thanks, theres alot of information to trawl though which will take ages.

I was hoping more for a more simple and straight forward method.

  TomJerry 16:08 13 Jan 2005

when you see any problem and sort out when they appear

actually do it and figure it out when problem come is normally better than figure out first and do it later

"If you want to know the taste of a pear, you need to taste it yourself".

  Chezdez 16:28 13 Jan 2005

well, theres seems to be a whole lot of extra info on that page suggested by recap!!

first up Find the SERVER IP by clicking the following


this should display everything.

Connect the computer physically to the network, depending if your server is DHCP ENABLED it will automatically assign your PC an IP Address if not you need to open up network connection in Local area Connections, right click on the icon and select properties, then select the TCP/IP protocol and hit properties and select "use the following IP Address" now depending on the IP Address you need to look at the other IP addresses for example: if the server is
you following workstations can have these,

you workstations need to have the first three lots of numbers (192.168.0.....) and assign the last lot as you wish provideing its in your IP Range,

now you need to add your PC to the Domain,
to do this right click on "My Computer" select "properties" select "network Identification" and then "NETWORK ID" and follow the instructions MAY I REMIND YOU, YOU NEED ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILAGES

  recap 16:36 13 Jan 2005

Right click network neiborhood, select Properties, on the Configuration Tab select the TCP/IP Ethernet NIC. Then select the IP address tab, from here select either Obtain IP address automatically (if DHCP is active on the server) or specify an IP address (if DHCP is not active).

Next go to The Identification tab and enter the name of the computer and the domain name of the server.

To check that all is ok open a command prompt and type in ipconfig. This will give you all the relevant information for the network. If the IP address and the domain name is present then you should have connected tothe network ok. Double check this on the server by looking in DHCP and Active Directory/Computer OU, the new computer name should appear.

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