How do I add a "mail to" link?

  [email protected] 10:29 24 Oct 2005

I am using netscape composer (wysiwyg). I have put in an image(which is hosted on photobucket) which I want to link to an e-mail account.In the link set up box I typed mail to: and the e-mail address, but when i view the page I get the message : The file /C:/ Documents and settings/my name/my documents/my file path/mailto: Cannot be found
What am I doing wrong and where did the full path come from? many thanks!
PS Have done it before on PC with no probs. but this is on laptop which only has virtual mail set up and not in OE, if that helps!

  anchor 12:54 24 Oct 2005

I don`t know anything about netscape composer, but this is how I did it with Front Page.

<a href="mailto:[email protected]"><img border="0" src="maila.gif" width="100" height="32"></a>

mail.gif is the image to click on to start Outlook, or Outlook Express. The numbers define the dimensions of the image.

ps: I hope this will come up correctly when I click on Post response. If not click here to see the code:

click here

  [email protected] 14:12 24 Oct 2005

That is what I had and I've rewritten to be sure but i still get the error message- I'm not sure also why it provides a path to my laptop?
I sit because OE is not set up on here?(so as not to confuse things between the PC and laptop all mail is downloaded to PC, I use the out box remotely from the laptop)

  [email protected] 14:19 24 Oct 2005

I deleted the whole thing, started again and it works so thank-you!

  mco 15:32 24 Oct 2005

I often find deleting something and starting again actually then makes it work - but I've never figured out why!

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