How Do I Activate Windows

  s99Raj 12:08 20 Jul 2004

I have XP Home which is now coming up with this message :

This copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can log on. Do you want to activate Windows now?

When I click yes, I get the Welcome screen followed by my user name, which I click on but then it takes me back to the above dialog box. It only takes me round in cirlces. How can I get by this and activate Windows?

  hillybilly 12:17 20 Jul 2004

Try and start in safe mode by pressing F8 as you start up, then if you can get in you can activate through all programs, accessories.

Just as a thought what happens if click no?

  s99Raj 12:20 20 Jul 2004

If you click on "No" the only option that comes up is to go into Stanby or to Shut Down or to Reastart.

I'll go and try Safe Mode.....

  s99Raj 12:23 20 Jul 2004

I can get into Safe Mode.
Then what???

  ventanas 12:33 20 Jul 2004

Try going to Start\Run and typing

oobe/ msoobe /a

Should bring up the activation screen. See if it works this way.

  sidecar sid 12:36 20 Jul 2004

Click on Start>

All programs>


System tools>

Activate windows.

  s99Raj 12:58 20 Jul 2004

oobe/ msoobe /a doesn't work in Safe Mode.

Under System Tools "Activate Windows" doesn't appear.

  hillybilly 13:01 20 Jul 2004

How long have been using this installation of XP home?

  s99Raj 13:06 20 Jul 2004

I think over 30 days.

  hillybilly 13:17 20 Jul 2004

Okay lets start again,
1. is this an upgrade?
2. is a new pc that came with windows pre installedd?
3. is this pc you have built?
4. dare I ask, did you buy this copy of xp from a reputable souce? That's not meant to be rude.

  s99Raj 13:22 20 Jul 2004

It's OK now. I just reinstallled Windows from the original XP disk and it let me activate it.
Cheers for all the help.

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