How do I access subtitles in Windows Media Player ?

  Channel 17:31 10 Nov 2012

I've downloaded BBc TV programme to WMP but can't access the subtitles.(I have problems with the BBC iPlayer, & it won't download programmes )WMP help says access the Play menu and click subtitles.It isn't visible when I start to play the programme,yet beforehand, all it says is Saved/unsaved list.Having hearing problems, we need the subtitles. Can anyone help ?

  Woolwell 17:51 10 Nov 2012

You may not have downloaded the subtitles. When playing video then ctrl+shift+c will turn on subtitles if available (alternatively right click when playing).

  Woolwell 17:52 10 Nov 2012

For iPlayer have you downloaded the iPlayer Desktop iPlayer help

  difarn 17:54 10 Nov 2012

Subtitles are not available on every programme. I watch iPlayer but don't download them first, just watch them by clicking on play as they are streamed. When subtitles are available there is an s near to the symbol for making the screen large at the bottom of the play screen. Click on this to turn subtitles on or off.

On reading comments on another forum it appears that the subtitles facility is only available if you watch programmes as above or if you actually download them using the iPlayer desktop.

  Channel 18:17 10 Nov 2012

Thanks,both.I guess subtitles weren't downloaded, so we'll watch it asit is streamed.As for iPlayer,having downloaded the player,when opting to download a programme I just got the message asking me to download the player.I contacted support,and got help in uninstalling and re-installing and it worked-once, before same problem.Subsequent instructions were fairly complicated, so i thought I'd avoid iPlayer.Perhaps I'll try again when I've time.

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