How do I access DAT files?

  phono 22:17 22 Apr 2006

I need to gain access to DAT files created by the XP File and Settings Transfer wizard and contained within a folder USMT2.UNC, I have tried the unsupported Microsoft tool fastconv.exe with no success.

Does anybody know of any software that will let me access the contents of these files?

  phono 21:48 24 Apr 2006

Any takers? (Bump)

  ade.h 22:10 24 Apr 2006

AFAIK: The only thing that can access that particular file is the F&ST wizard itself.

  octal 22:24 24 Apr 2006

A hex editor will open it click here

  phono 22:47 24 Apr 2006

I know it will allow me to "open" DAT files, but will it allow me to use the files I want to restore various program settings, Favourites and My Documents files?

I haven't tried, but I doubt it will, if you know otherwise any advice will be gratefully received.

  phono 22:54 24 Apr 2006

Just tried to open the DAT files with XVI32 and it doesn't work, looks like it's back to the drawing board.

  ade.h 23:03 24 Apr 2006

Is this because the F&ST isn't working?

Because it doesn't, quite frankly. As a method of restoring settings or making a re-installation quicker and easier, it seems to be a bit useless. I don't know if everything has to be exaclty identical or something (which isn't going to happen, really) but it has never worked and I have long since learned not to rely on it and change all settings manually instead.

Won't help you now, but for the future, it's worth keeping notes of all your Windows and program settings, just in case.

  phono 23:20 24 Apr 2006

I have used F&ST in the past without problems, I had to do a format and reinstall of windows recently so I ran the F&ST wizard which completed without problems, as a result I went ahead and formatted and reinstalled XP.

All went well, I reinstalled my programs, ran the F&ST wizard only to find that none of the files in My Documents are available, email, favourites, cookies and so on are all okay.

Ultimately I can live without what was contained in My Documents but I am willing to perservere for a while if I can find a way of extracting the individual files and manually restoring them, even though they consume a substantial amount of HD space.

  terryf 23:55 24 Apr 2006

In the future I would recommend EA8, it saves all your emails, OE accounts, browser data, favourite etc for both firefox and IE, the desktop and all sorts of things, try before you buy available. Use acronis to make an image or separate files and folders

  phono 23:58 24 Apr 2006

Thanks for that, one to look out for in the future.

  ade.h 15:00 25 Apr 2006

You should keep all your documents on a seperate partition. It won't be destroyed by a clean installation, so most of your files will be safe. You only have to worry about any files that are stored elsewhere by certain programs, as well as remembering your settings.

I used to use the F&ST wizard as a way of saving settings before a clean installation, but when trying to apply those settings, it would always refuse to do so. It's been that way through three editions of Home and Pro on three different PCs. I now keep detailed notes of all settings!

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