How do I

  numinbah 00:02 08 Feb 2006

How do I. after downloading a program which was split into 6 rar files, how do I put these onto a Cd and then make that CD bootable

  Jak_1 00:43 08 Feb 2006

You don't say how the files were split. Were they split using a file split program or just divided in to convenient chunks for downloading purposes. In the first case you would need a program such as hjsplit or mstsplit to re-join; such proggies can be got from click here .In the second case it's a simple matter of putting all into one folder.
What do you mean by 'bootable cd'! do you mean, click on the icon and it will open? If so all you have to do is make a shortcut to the exe file or just click on the exe file.

Hope this helps.

  Devil Fish 00:49 08 Feb 2006

with winrar you can split files if they were done together unrar the 1st archive and it should auto run to rejoin the archive

  numinbah 11:44 08 Feb 2006

I thought I had posted a reply can't find it so here it is again...

Thanks to Jak_1 and Devil Fish for your replies.

The files were Rar files which I put into a directory and then did what Devil Fish said, I now have that file on a CD with which I want to use to boot up a comp that I am setting up ( for varios reasons I cannot get into the machine useing a floppie ).

I suppose what I realy want to know is, do I put the Rar files onto the CD as single files or do I unRar them to a single file and put that onto the CD and after that how do I make that CD bootable.

The other comp is empty no OS and drive is formatted and ready to go the CD will contain a new OS.
hope what I'm after is not too vague

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