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  Mr Confused 11:36 15 Oct 2003

I have recently bought a new computer with a DVD RW, which I have brought to Uni with me. However, I was wondering if there was any way I could connect my TV (I haven't got a TV card on my PC!) to the DVD RW to make recordings of tv programmes. If anyone knows can they let me know what equipment I would need & recommend any software- if it is possible that is!

  smegs 11:56 15 Oct 2003

I would think U will need a Tv out G/Card.

  BarryKeith 12:37 15 Oct 2003

Without a TV or video in/out card there is no way to record TV programs on your computer. Many computers are supplied either wth a TV-out card or it is available as an upgrade, but to record TV you need either a video in/out card or a dedicated TV card, both of which are comparatively expensive.

  stlucia 17:06 15 Oct 2003

Before you get a video-in card in your PC, check there's a video-out facility on your TV.

But if you're just wanting to watch programmes you've missed, a cheap or 2nd-hand VHS recorder is probably more cost effective than doing it through your PC.

  john-232317 17:39 15 Oct 2003

You might be able to get an old ATI allinwonder card at a PC fair.I got one for 25 quid years ago.

All you need is an arial coax to it, or a sky box etc.

You can then watch tv, record progs to your hard drive. But you need a big drive.Then burn them to your dvd, you will prob have software with the dvd to do this .

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