How to do a firmware update?

  Grandad D 21:03 13 Jul 2004

Hi, I have a firmware update for my Sony DVD-RW-DW-U50A Drive in my Quadra DTS Pro, This was sent to me from mobile support. However I don't know what to do with it and how to install it. Can anyone help please.Ta, Dennis

Grandad D

  stalion 21:07 13 Jul 2004

you need to be careful regarding firmware as other members on here have posted you can end up with a useless dvdrw

  chugby 21:14 13 Jul 2004

understand safest way to update is by DOS but never tried it myself, for more info try Firmware Page click here ,
also try Herrie which gives alot of info
click here (this site appears to be down at the moment).

  Chegs ® 21:53 13 Jul 2004

I have just altered the firmware on my Compaq DVD-ROM,its now seen as a Samsung DVD-ROM.For some strange reason,the firmware "flash utility" refused to run in an NTFS system,so I had to use my daughters PC(Fat32)The upgrade was no bother,but the flash utility now refuses to run at all on any system.

A few years ago,I changed the firmware on my CD-RW,from a 4x drive to an 8x drive.That also was painless(even though that one was DOS only)

I have also flashed the firmware on my SATA controller,and the SATA hdd's themselves so I am fairly confident.

Flashing the firmware is generally easy,but beware as it could result in completely dead hardware,as I found out when flashing the BIOS on another mobo,I got the wrong revision,but was able to rescue the mobo with a little device called RD1 BIOS Savior.

With Optical drives,the slightest mistake will KILL IT DEAD,NEVER TO WORK AGAIN.With optical drives,I only ever chance it if its KILL or CURE.I was looking to flash my DVD-RW,but decided against it as the options were huge(around eight different files for slightly different drives,eg:colour etc)

  Totally-braindead 22:11 13 Jul 2004

Grandad D as the others have said it can be a bad thing if it goes wrong, you say you got it from mobile support, mobile support for what I don't know what that is. My advice is if everything is working ok don't attempt it.

  Grandad D 22:24 13 Jul 2004

Hi, The reason for the update is I can't get my drive to record DVD at more than 1X speed. Mobile support are the manufacterer's (Rock) support group. I have e-mailed them tonight for the answer but wanted to do the upgrade tonight. I will have to wait. Thanks everyone for trying. Ta, Dennis

  chugby 12:55 14 Jul 2004

have an NEC drive and merrily flashed updates via windows from their site until I saw Herries page
(they dont tell you this when you buy it!),
like Chegs says it is difficult to know what's best so left until I need to. Interstingly Herrie's page also offers windows flashing updates which unsurprisingly have the most downloads. If things go wrong you can reflash,
see Herries page for details when it comes back online.

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