How to display only names in emails (Windows Live Mail)

  exdragon 16:25 26 Jun 2013

Hi - I think I have a mental block: I'm sure I used to be able to address emails to just 'Joe' and not Joe Bloggs ([email protected]) for example.

I know I could do it in Outlook, by adding 'Joe' to the 'Display as' option when I added a contact, but am I missing something in WLM?


  exdragon 17:53 26 Jun 2013

Thanks, but the email address is still showing in brackets after the name.

  exdragon 08:10 27 Jun 2013

Hmm...there isn't an entry in the Work field, just in the Personal one. However, if I put the address in the Work instead of Personal field, it sort of works and the email address isn't shown. I still can't just get the first name showing, though, unless I leave out the surname. And as I have seven people called Pete or Peter, I'd have to be very careful, as one of them is my other half!

It looks as if I'll have to give up on this one. I'll leave it unticked for a couple of days in case inspiration strikes.

  exdragon 17:42 27 Jun 2013

Great - just what I need, thanks! Now all I need to do is edit all my Contacts...

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