How difficult is it to upgrade my processor?

  Kingjellybean 15:46 08 Mar 2006

I am a keen gamer and I recently upgraded my graphics card, which turned out to be a relatively painless experience (Thanks to some quality advice from the boys at PCAdvisor!) Emboldened by this success, I'm interested in spending some more money to upgrade my processor.

Unfortunately, my experience with upgrading is limited, so I'm not sure whether it's worth doing it now or saving up and going for a whole new system in a couple of years. My current system is a P4 2.3ghz, 1gb RAM with a Nvidia 6600GT graphics card.

How much would it cost? Would I be able to do it correctly? What can go wrong? Is it worth it?

Please try and keep your answers simple. Cheers.

  Stuartli 15:53 08 Mar 2006

The make and model of your motherboard would be of help.

Go to start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information>click on System Summary.

The System Manufacturer and Model listings will provide the name of the manufacturer of your board and its model number.

  Kingjellybean 17:54 08 Mar 2006

Ok. Here's some of the specs;

System type - X86-based PC

Processor - X86 Family 15 model stepping 7 genuineintel ¬2523 mhx

BIOS version/date - American Megatrends inc 2.0H 21/08/2002

SMBIOS version - 2.3

There's a bunch of other stuff as well, but I won't bore you. Is this any good?

  Stuartli 18:02 08 Mar 2006

Sorry, no...:-)

You have just listed the 2.5MHz CPU and the version of the AMI Bios...:-(

Do you have a manual for the motherboard, which will list the model number?

Or, alternatively, download Everest Home from:

click here

and install and run it. From the Motherboard tab you can find out your model.

  stubrow 18:33 08 Mar 2006

Sounds like youve got a socket 478 processor which if is the case means upgrades are limited I would personally stick with the existing til you decide to renew whole system.This processor should give you reasonable performance when gaming its the same as i have got and i find it okay on quite demanding games.

  Kingjellybean 10:39 09 Mar 2006

Ok. I've downloaded Everest and I think it's a 478 pin uPGA. Is that the information?

If not, can you tell me what catagory it falls under (under the 'Motherboard' tab), because there's lots of information on Everest and I don't know what is relevent.


  Totally-braindead 10:49 09 Mar 2006

What we were really looking for was the motherboard name and model number not the processor. My computer for example is a Asus A8N-SLI motherboard. That aside I had a quick look for socket 478 processors and as stubrow has said your choices are limited. I did find one Pentium 4 Prescott but the others I could find were all Celerons.
Presumming your motherboard can take a faster processor I don't think the increase in speed would justify the cost, also not being into Intel as I have an AMD based computer I'm not sure whether you would have to replace the memory. I really think that you'd be as well either adding some more memory if you don't have that much or waiting and getting a new barebones motherboard and processor a bit later on.

  keef66 11:02 09 Mar 2006

You're in a similar position to me. I have an Athlon XP 2100+ cpu on an AGP motherboard. CPU upgrades are very limited so I'm just going to increase my 512 mb ram to 1gb and put in a mid range graphics card like you just have.

Next upgrade would be to a new system in 18 months time.

  Kingjellybean 17:41 09 Mar 2006

Ok. Sounds like I should leave it.

Thanks for your help everyone!

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