How is the design of this site?

  Gardenleaver 16:05 17 Jan 2008


I have a commercial web site click here (nothing to do with PCs!) and am interested in people's opinion of the layout and design.

What's your reaction to:

- Text in the banner headings?
- Split between graphics and text?
- Colours?
- Overall style?
- Ability of search engines to capture info. on this site?

Many thanks for any comments.

  Forum Editor 16:10 20 Jan 2008

should present no problems from the search engine point of view, and the nature of your business means that you should find yourself coming high in the returns lists fairly rapidly - the keywords 'motor sports mental approach' already return you at number one with Google.

Thyink carefully about your text - there's a lot of it, and large slabs of text are difficult to read online - people are deterred by it. A better way to get your message across might be to condense your message into shorter, snappier paragraphs, interspersed with high-quality imagery; people buy with their eyes on the web. In your case it could pay dividends to have the text edited by a professional writer.

Colours are great - the site looks good and clean, and your images lend a professional look to the whole thing.

I would concentrate on that text - it's the weak point in the chain.

  Gardenleaver 18:42 20 Jan 2008

Many thanks for that, much appreciated.

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