How to delete Supernet program?

  superspark 15:41 07 Feb 2005

I have just received this mail from a mate of mine. Can anyone advise me what he needs to do please?

"I've just come from my mum and dads and would you believe it? My dad has a similar problem to the one I had with his email . He wants to use his new email address but he wants to use outlook express to create, send and receive mail. No problem you would think!. Change the settings in tools , accounts properties etc, However his old email service was supernet which was dialup using internal modem. The internal modem can be removed using uninstall on device manager, no problem. However the supernet software was preloaded on P.C.from new . every time we use outlook express it trys to connect useing supernet and the old dialup connection, even though i have changed all the settings to the new ones ie BT Broadband , user ID , server , incoming outgoing , etc all correct. We believe the problem is the supernet software ,and how to get rid of it. If you go into add/ remove programs it does not appear on the list and because it was preinstalled software with no CD i am wondering how to remove it"
Any help would be much appreciated thank you...

  beeuuem 15:54 07 Feb 2005

These threads might provide some help
click here
and click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:00 07 Feb 2005
  spikeychris 16:02 07 Feb 2005

click here

click here

click here

And there's the below I postd to a similar problem to yours 12 months ago

Do this from any PC connected to the internet: - Go to click here - Read the page, and click the "Agree" button - Read the instructions on the next page. Use the information there to identify and download the correct generic driver for the Time modem. It is likely, but not certain, that you will need the "HSF" modem driver. - Take the new driver to the Time PC. Then do this from the Time PC: - Right click the My Computer icon on the desktop, select Properties, select Hardware, click the Device Manager button. - Find the modem in the listing, right click the entry, and select uninstall. Confirm the action in the resulting box. - Reboot the PC. - On reboot, the PC finds the 'new' hardware, and asks if you want to install it; say yes, and tell the Wizard where to find the driver you downloaded. - That's it. The modem now shows as a Generic, as opposed to saying it's a CNXT Vx PCI. You can connect to the ISP of your choice.

  spikeychris 16:04 07 Feb 2005


  superspark 16:29 07 Feb 2005

Thanks very much for every response. I will now pass them on!

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