How to delete a programme in Safe Mode

  yattonharry 11:26 09 May 2005

Hi there,
Is it possible to delete a programme in Safe Mode? \i sm now convinced that waht has happened is that I downloaded the BT programme to stop unwanted diallers, this came in a Zip file and I have unzipped this and I believe that it has overwritten something that is stopping my computer from starting up. I didn't realise that this programme was only for 2000 and XP and not for Win98 which I am running on.

Helpppppppp please! I am desperately needing soem stuff on my computer which I have to have for tomorrow evening.

Many thanks

  sinbad1 11:58 09 May 2005

have u tried system restore to before you downloadfed the file? or last known configuration that worked?

  gudgulf 12:02 09 May 2005

If you can boot into safe mode then from there open Add/Remove Programs and see if it will uninstall.If that doesn't work do you have a Win98 start-up floppy disc?

If you do insert it and reboot the computer.At the A:> prompt type scanreg /restore (note the space).This should give you a list of dates...choose one that is before you put the BT program on and ok it.It will restore your registry to before the BT program was installed and will probably let you boot back into windows.Then you can delete the BT entry from the programs list using Windows Explorer.

  mattyc_92 12:06 09 May 2005

click here for a Windows 98 Startup Disk which gudgulf is talking about

Scroll down the page to the 8th bullet point and click onto the "Windows 98 Boot Floppy" link in the paragraph

  yattonharry 12:39 09 May 2005

Hi gudgulf and All,
Many thanks for responses. What I cannot find is the actual name of the programme in Add/Remove, it must have called itself something else. I managed to get into Add/Remove yesterday and also looked in Win Explorer for C:\Windows\TEMP\Instmsia.exe which the warning message [see my other posting] said, was necessary to load Windows. I did not find this programme but did find another which was very like this name, and also underneath this programme was one called BT Modem Protection, this is the one which I am wondering whether to delete or not. As I said it is *within* the folder TEMP. I wonder if the BT programme could have possibly given this Instmsia.exe another name and therefore is stopping Startup from finding it.

Is there another way of finding this programme within Add/Remove -I have tried FIND files etc., but nothing looks like this programme at all, so possibly what I am asking it to search for.

Sorry this message now a bit long winded.

  gudgulf 13:41 09 May 2005

Here is what i think is going on.......the BT program wants to load at start-up.It can't because it is the wrong version for your system and so Windows stops loading (freezes) at the point where the program tries to load.Also because it is the wrong version it has not properly installed.I do not believe it has overwritten any Windows system would not be able to access safe mode if it had.

Try this.....boot into safe maode and open windows explorer.Open the programs list and find the folder for the BT program.Delete it.Then go to Start> Run and type " %temp% " (without the quotes) which will open the Temp folder.In the Edit list click on "select all" and send the entire contents of the Temp folder to the recycle bin.

Now reboot.....since you have removed the program files and any temporary installation files needed for it you should be able to get back into Windows.If not then there is still something in the system registry that is looking for the program so use the Win98 start-up disc and recover to an earlier version of the registry.

  yattonharry 14:53 09 May 2005

Thanks so much for that information. I am sending this message from my own computer!! What I did as the file was not shown in Programme List at all, was to delete the programme from the TEMP folder and then sent entire contects of TEMP folder to Bin.
I assume that the TEMP folder contents are still in the Rycle Bin, so do I need any of these?

  mattyc_92 15:12 09 May 2005

Leave them in the Recyle Bin for a day or two, if there is no problems during this time, then remove them off the system (empty the recyle bin)

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