How to delete a partition

  hssutton 23:30 04 Jan 2008

The single hard drive on this pc as been partitioned as "C" And "D". XP Pro is on partition "D" NTFS (1.46 Gb).

Partition "C" formatted as Fat 32 is empty. Can I remove "C", if so how? Unfortunately there is XP-Pro disk, so we do not want to lose the OS.

Any help would be appreciated

  DieSse 01:12 05 Jan 2008

"Can I remove "C""

I'm not sure if the system would still work if you did this.

But that isn't the complete issue. What would result is you'd have an unallocated area on the drive - I'm sure that's not what you want.

Do you want to end up with one large partition, and the OS on it - or what?

Can you also give us a clue as to the total drive and partition sizes please.

  hssutton 10:14 05 Jan 2008

Thanks for your response. The drive size is 20gb and yes I want just the one partition with the OS on it.

"C" = 17.55gb formatted as Fat 32

"D" = 1.46gb (Xp-pro NTFS) with just AVG & Zonealarm installed

All files have been saved, so there is nothing to lose apart from obviously the OS, which is what we want to avoid.

  cream. 10:48 05 Jan 2008

It looks as if the "D" drive is your recovery drive and if you have no disk do not delete it.

The "C" drive will be the drive that holds XP programs and data. If you say it's empty i.e. "C" then you should have no operating system on it.

If you want a clean install of XP or to load the operating system back on it. Try pressing the F keys as the machine boots i.e. F10, F11, F12.

If the recovery partition is undamaged, it should give you the options to repair or clean install windows.

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