How to delete Outlook Express. Emails probs.

  LAP 11:49 14 Jun 2008

My wife and I have a computer each, they are not linked in anyway apart from sharing Broadband via wireless.

We like using OutLook Express and when she sent an email the other day it appears to have 'got stuck' and the error message x0800CCC90 continually appears. At present she can send emails BUT NOT receive them. She can view incoming mail via BT Yahoo.

There is no problem with my Outlook Express

I have searched the web and numerous sites which mention this problem, to which I have got nowhere.

Can I wipe OutLook Express off her computer and start again? And will this solve the problem? I have saved all her messages and address book.

Or is there another way? Thank you.

  €dstowe 12:18 14 Jun 2008

Do you use AVG antivirus?

If so, disable email scanning and see if that makes a difference.

If it does, re-install AVG.

  beeuuem 12:18 14 Jun 2008

If it is stuck in her outbox locate the Outlook Exress message store ( look in Tools > Options> Maintenance > Store Folder tab to see the location)and delete the outbox .dbx file.
A new outtbox folder will be created when you open Outlook Express.

  wee eddie 13:57 14 Jun 2008

Logging in and looking at her Emails On-line

  LAP 14:17 14 Jun 2008

€dstowe, we use PC-Cillin anti-virus and at one stage I switched everything off. This did work.

Beeuuem, I did as you suggested and restarted computer, no good error message x0800CCC90 appears. I then deleted all the boxes and restarted computer no good error message x0800CCC90 appears. All this did was to produce new empty mail boxes.

wee eddie as I said she can view her incoming mail in BT Yahoo.

Is it possible to wipe OutLook Express off and start again?

  Poitier 14:19 14 Jun 2008

Found your error message under Tiscali Help.It says that your settings are probably corrupted.The first step is to reconfigure your Outlook Express e-mail settings.

  LAP 15:10 14 Jun 2008

Poitier, thanks for your reply. I had already removed my wifes Email account. Reset the computer and added the account back, still no good.

Anymore ideas. Cheers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:33 14 Jun 2008

0x800CCC90 = POP3 RESPONSE ERROR - Client response invalid

POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) Errors
Problems that occur with POP3 affect the download of your latest emails. These problems occur, either because of a temporary glitch, file corruption, or because your account details are incorrect.

Checking your connection details are correct
Have you changed your account details recently? Make sure that you are not using CAPS LOCK while entering a case sensitive password. There is a quick way to check that you are using the right password and username, by connecting to the internet and using a programme called a telnet client.

Telnet is programme that allows you to access and talk to other computers, in this case you can pretend to be Outlook Express and talk directly to the mailserver. This will allow you to see if it's your email account or Outlook Express that is at fault. This should work with most versions of windows,although in Windows Vista you will need to add Telnet manually or download a different telnet program, such as Putty.

1 Click the Start button, then RUN.
2 In the RUN prompt, type 'cmd' (on Windows NT/2000/XP) or 'Command' on Windows 95/98/ME.
3 In the new window, type 'telnet 110' then click enter. Take care in your typing as you may not see what you type so its easy to make a mistake. If you do, its best to start again.
4 You should be connected to the mailserver - you should see the response "+OK Hello there" which confirms the mailserver is OK.
5 Type in 'user ' and hit the enter key (if your username was jsmith you would typ 'user jsmith' ).
6 You will then get a message +OK Password required -type in 'pass< your password> and click the enter key (If your password was l3tmein you would type 'pass l3tmein')
If it is correct, you will get an '+OK Well done' message. You are now in your mailbox and can be sure that your email account details are correct.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:36 14 Jun 2008
  LAP 16:51 14 Jun 2008

Stage 6 'Password' would appear to be the problem. I get a -ERR Login failed

I then removed her email account retarted the computer and created a new one with a different password and got the same -ERR Login failed

Can you please help with this? Thank you.

  Poitier 18:18 14 Jun 2008

Suspect it will involve a call to your ISP support to check what your password is.I have to use the one they supply or know what it is before I can change it.

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