How to delete files which refuse to be deleted?

  Bez 15:51 24 Aug 2003

I have bought a new Epson Photo 830u printer and would like to delete the now redundant epson monitor 2 files.Epson told me that these files can be removed since they are not used anymore. However, I have tried the Add or Remove programm without success and also tried to delete the files manually also without success. There are six DLL files and two Epson Printer Status Agent files. When trying to delete the files I get the message: "Cannot delete the files because the disk is protected or full or in use".
Can anyone give the solution, please?

  T0SH 16:15 24 Aug 2003

Try removing them from safe mode with any Epson printers unplugged ,also check the file properties they may be flagged as read only or hidden

  Bez 17:42 24 Aug 2003

Thank you Megatyte, Tosh and Cuddles for your help.I am going to do as you suggested, first try using Safe Mode and then regedit.


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