How to deal with large circulation lists ?

  xquest 21:15 16 Aug 2005

My ISP has recently put a limit of 20 on the number of addresses in a circulation list. I send out emails to around 95 addresses. This means splitting the list into 5 smaller lists. I don't particularly want to change ISP. Is there a solution ? Do these 'List Manager' services offer a free forwarding service to a user-defined circulation ? Any info. gratefully received.

  woodchip 21:40 16 Aug 2005

So you are in effect Spaming people

  Sir Radfordin 21:51 16 Aug 2005

woodchip - spamming people is only when they don't request the information.

There are loads of legitimate reasons for sending out emails to groups of this number. I've done some work for a small charity that sends out a monthly news letter to 600 people - all of them have requested it.

xquest - you may find that spliting the list is the easiest thing to do. It may have other advantages because some ISPs will detect the number of recipients and may end up flagging your message as spam anyway. If you are using Office XP onwards you can run a mail merge to individual addresses - this may also fail because your ISP may block you from sending X messages per time period.

You can find a 3rd party to send the emails, or may find a basic webhosting package such as those from One and One (click here) offer you a service which you can use.

  xquest 14:18 17 Aug 2005

Thanks for those responses. No, it isn't unsolicited spam. All my recipients have requested that they go on my circulation - I send out jokes received from several sources, mainly UK, USA and New Zealand. I do censor the jokes - the criteria being 'would I want a computer literate 10-tear-old son of the local minister, to read it'. Traffic is very light at the moment - not many jokes are arriving, and this circulation problem is a bit of a bottleneck. Some 'jokes' are what I would call 'homilies' and they go to a slightly smaller list. If I get enormous sets of pictures I put them on a web site so those with fast connections can view them and I don't clog up any dial-up users. If you want to go on my list please let me know - I promise to remove you whenever you say. I shall probably go for separate small circulation lists.
Thanks again, xquest. [email protected]

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