How to customise folder views in XP

  safe as milk 11:23 11 Apr 2008

I would like to have the PC remember different views for different folders in Windows Explorer, so I don't have to keep changing. For example, I usually prefer the List or sometimes the Details view but Thumbnails is good for pictures. I know how to apply the same view to all folders (via Tools -> Folder Options -> View) but that's not what I want. I gather from searching the net that I should be able to right click a folder and call up Properties then Customise. But I've got no Customise tab. All I see is Sharing and General.

Any ideas how to get round this?

thanks in advance

  Gordon999 11:29 11 Apr 2008

Hi Safe

Probably something needs configuring to show it, have a look at this and see if helps

click here

  safe as milk 11:58 11 Apr 2008

Thanks Gordon

Looks like this may be somewhat outside my comfort zone - I wouldn't know how to open the Registry Editor and it sounds rather alarming! Or is it considered safe to nose around in there if I've done a System Restore first?

  Gordon999 12:09 11 Apr 2008

It is but if you stick to the item I sent you'll be fine.

It's safe to have a look around and it's always worth doing a quick backup of the registrey so you have it to go back to. But restore is fine as it will take you back to when it was ok

Click run and type regedit (ok or return) it will open up the registy for you. You can then have a look see.

Have a read of this also
click here

  safe as milk 12:58 11 Apr 2008

This is interesting. I've been into the registry and had a look. The missing sub-key that Ramesh's site suggests I should create already exists in the folder he tells me to look in. So I've taken the next step and looked for the relevant values that he describes in order to set them to 0. But there is no sign of them. I can find the keys that he's sending me to but there is no sign of:

# NoCustomizeThisFolder
# NoCustomizeWebView
# ClassicShell

in either of them.

So I can't really set them to 0!!! What am I doing wrong?

  Stuartli 13:01 11 Apr 2008

Have you read the Help and Support section (from Start) about Folder Options?

  safe as milk 13:14 11 Apr 2008

Yes I have - I can't see anwhere that it answers my question tho, which is why I came here. Am I missing something?

  Gordon999 13:17 11 Apr 2008

Nothing by the sounds of things....What folders are you right clicking on

  Gordon999 13:47 11 Apr 2008

As some don't have it such as the default My Pictures, My Music etc

  safe as milk 15:55 11 Apr 2008

Hmm I s see what you mean. If I right-click on the 'shared documents' folder for example, 'customise' is there as an option. So it looks like I can customise the ones I'm not bothered about but the ones I want to change I can't! ah well. I guess I'll just have to live with it. thanks for the help.

  hectorjones 08:41 13 Oct 2009

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