How to Custom / Autofilter in Openoffice Calc

  CLONNEN 09:16 22 May 2010

In Excel xls format I have a spreadsheet which keeps track of my dvd collection. Used to Select All, turn on Autofilter, click the arrow at top of column and select Custom, then would enter *frost* to bring up list of everything with "frost" in the dvd title.

Cannot figure out how to do this simple thing in Openoffice Calc (I'm using version 2.0). I get as far as the Autofilter arrow at the top of the column then the only option seems to be Standard (no Custom filter in sight). Have selected the DVD Title heading for the first column, tried every option listed in middle column =, ,>,etc. with *frost* and with .*frost.* (something Google mentioned) in the Value box in the third column but just get blank page each time.

Anyone know the answer?

  Woolwell 11:47 22 May 2010

Does this help click here

  CLONNEN 06:57 26 May 2010

Yes I get the drop-down list with Autofilter turned on but this doesn't do what I want.

As an example supposing I want to know which DVDs of A Touch of Frost I have in my collection. If I scroll down the drop-down list they should appear under "A Touch of Frost" but sometimes I forget to put A at the front so some DVDs might be under "Touch of Frost".

That is why I used the Custom Filter in Excel so that I could definitely see all in one list which titles I have and eliminate the danger of ordering the same title again.

OpenOffice doesn't seem to have this. Closest I have so far found is the Find function but this only takes me to each title one at a time. I would much prefer a complete list.

Are there any other free spreadsheet programs that have the Excel Custom Filter functionality?

  Woolwell 14:31 26 May 2010

Using OpenOffice Calc 3.2 then you filter the list then instead of clicking on "a touch of frost" or "touch of frost" you then click on standard filter this then brings up a window in this you should insert the field name eg Title (the heading at the top of the column) = a touch of frost and then on the next line or (note don't use and) the title again, =, touch of frost. This gives you the result you want.

  Woolwell 21:54 27 May 2010

Any luck?

  CLONNEN 08:29 05 Jun 2010

I still get a blank list

I am selecting Title / = / Touch (typed in manually)

I have turned on Regular Expressions checkbox

Here is a screenshot click here

What am I doing wrong?

  CLONNEN 08:47 05 Jun 2010

I am using Openoffice version 2.4 (is this different to 3.2 in terms of filtering?)

I have also tried setting up a new spreadsheet from scratch in Openoffice but again the filtering still gives me blank list so it is not just converted Excel documents like I originally thought.

  Woolwell 12:24 06 Jun 2010

First line of the window: Field name Title of DVD, Condition =, Value A Touch of Frost
Second line: Operator Or, Field Name Title of DVD, Condition =, Value Touch of Frost

This selects all the titles with a touch of frost or touch of frost.

  Woolwell 17:05 09 Jun 2010


  CLONNEN 19:40 12 Jun 2010

Have now got a list coming up - I had to use .*A Touch of Frost.* and .*Touch of Frost.* and tick the Regular Expression box to get it to work.

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