How critical is the case PSU

  DN14 12:24 14 Aug 2003

I wondering if someone out there can give me some advise. I have recently upgraded my PC from:

> Pentium 3 500
> 128 MB RAM
> 32 MB Graphic Card
> 1 Drive


> Athalon 1300
> 512 MB RAM
> 128 MB Graphic Card
> 2 Drives

I still however have a 250W PSU installed in the case an I am experiencing system freezes when I try and run games on the PC. Is it a possibility that the PSU is not upto the job of running my new hardware??



  hugh-265156 12:33 14 Aug 2003

could be the psu but its more than likely graphics card drivers.

i ran a p4 1.8/xp/ cdrw /dvd drive/ 40 gig HD/512DDR/radeon 9000 128/4xfans all of a 250w psu for ages no problems.i now use a 350w because i got a new case.

some new graphics cards require more juice and need to be connected to the psu directly.most of these recommend a 300w or higher psu.

try updating the graphics drivers first

nvidia click here

ati click here

and some new games now require direct x9 to run correctly click here

  The Transporter 13:33 14 Aug 2003

i would jump to blaming the Psu straight away,
you have considerably increased your power consumption

  BillEmm 13:59 14 Aug 2003

When a quality PSU is overstretched it tries to recover by causing a reboot rather than just causing a freeze. If its a cheap option then anything is possible and I would replace it anyway.

Given that you are honest about your configuration then a 250 watt PSU (in good condition) should be quite adequate. I have run an Athlon XP2600+ with more connected than you have, off a 250w PSU - but it was a quality product and, I admit, approaching its limit.

Not too helpful but offered as a point of experience.


  D-P-R 14:40 14 Aug 2003

what is the graphics card? If its something like a Radeon 9700 that requires extra power it could be the psu. When I put my radeon 970 pro in my system it would stutter in some games. I bought a new power supply and the stuttering went away.
Like huggyg71 says it could also be the graphics card drivers. You also need to give more information about your system ie make and model of motherboard, graphics card ect

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