How to crimp RJ45 icecubes on CAT5 cabl

  Amalric I 16:46 16 Jul 2005

I have the CAT5E cable the RJ45 icecubes [plugs on each end] and the crimping tool. I also have a diagram which says which colour coded wire goes to which pin. What I can't find is the way to insert the wire ends into the icecube and hold in position till crimped.

Do I have to strip the ends of each wire or does the crimp tool punch through the insulation?

How do I hold the tips of the wires in position while I calmp down with the crimper?

This cable is to replace the £145 Apple Express which just went belly up after a couple of months of use. As my son brought it over from the States Apple here woon't even look at it.

  dan11 17:02 16 Jul 2005

Do not strip the ends of the wire. This will probably explain better than I can.:-)

click here

  DieSse 18:55 16 Jul 2005

Tip After you've got the wires flattened and ready to put into the connector, the best way to trim 'em off is with a (sharp and hefty)pair of scissors

  wiz-king 07:10 17 Jul 2005

Isn't making cables fun! This is a job that you get used to with practise, I lost several plugs in my early attempts so make sure you have spares, I would also recommend getting a cable tester ( only a few pounds from Maplin click here )as it is easy to get a couple of wires wrong, they also do cheap plugs and the other tools. Your right in that you dont have to strip the wire, if you are using solid cored wire dont make small radius bends with it, it can break a core quite easly. Thats why most people buy cables ready made.

  Amalric I 18:38 21 Jul 2005

Of course when I dug dowm into the bottom of the box my link Sys switch came in it was all explaied in detail.

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