How to create a website

  Zippy. 15:19 04 Aug 2009

Hi all, I'm keen to create my own website, I've been trying to teach myself but getting bogged down with all the tecnical jargon. I've just purchsed a domain name, I'm pretty good with photoshop plus a friend gave me a old copy of Fireworks & dreamweaver. I've be playing around with fireworks and think Ive got the hang of it and have designed a webpage. I can't make head nor tail of dreamweaver. My question is how do I get my webpage onto the web? I have trawled the internet and there seem to be no simple guide to this. Any help would be appreciated. Zippy.

  Zippy. 14:21 05 Aug 2009

Thanks for that help, I think Ive just gone another step closer!, Ive choosen to go with 'justhost' I am a complete beginer but this is something that I would really like to get the hang off. I 've had to transfer my domain name so now have to wait a day or so before I go to the next step - have to say though that so far I cant make head not tail of it all but hoping to get he hang of it with a little (lot) of help from you guys.! Am I right in thinking that I also have to pay to get my site on google?

  Zippy. 18:03 06 Aug 2009

Im slowly getting there! click here
I have used one of the hosts templates and I was hoping I could edit the main photo, colour etc but its begining to look like I cant. I thought when I clicked on my gallery link a new page would open with the photo on but they all come up on the front page? Any advise is alway welcome.

  Zippy. 15:01 07 Aug 2009

I have managed to sort out my last problem. I would like to add one of those 'number of hits' counter - how do I do that. Also I would like my site to appear on google - Have just done a google search for 'shih tzus taunton somerset' but doesnt seem to appear in google? Any advice please. Thanks. Zippy

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