How to create a shortcut to desktop using script??

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Hi all,

Not sure if this should be in the Webdesign room or here, but I will start it here:

I am designing a powerpoint presentation on the use of a database. This database is online and I need to copy a shortcut to the URL onto the desktop of the user if they so wish. This saves the user having to access the site through pages of local intranet and also helps those users who are not that PC savvy to be confident in creating a shortcut themselves. I could give detailed instuctions on how to create a shortcut but then this would detract from the presentation.

What I want to do is insert some script of some sort with the text: "If you would like to place a shortcut on your desktop, click here" this would then drop a URL shortcut onto the users desktop without interupting the presentation.

Any ideas?

Sorry all - have mailed FE to move into Helproom - Too early for me still this morning!!

  Forum Editor 10:02 13 Sep 2003

I'll move it to WebDesign, which is a more logical location, if you don't mind.

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Thanks FE, exactly what I want. Can you tell me though, how to I include this code into some text in Powerpoint? I.e. where do I place this code so that the "click here" starts it?

many thanks,

  Forum Editor 10:43 13 Sep 2003

you have already converted the PP presentation to HTML for use on the web? If so, just place the Java script into the presentation when in HTML code view in your chosen web design package - Dreamweaver for instance.

  Forum Editor 10:55 13 Sep 2003

is that you could add the script directly into the PowerPoint slide using the Microsoft Script Editor if you have it installed?

Tools/macro/Microsoft script editor

THanks again FE, yes I have the script editor installed (never used it before mind) and so will have a play with this this afternoon.

As to converting the presentation, this seems to have been done automatically (PowerPoint 2003) as the files are stored as HTML on my system. Double clicking actually starts the presentation in IE rather than simply opening the application to continue editing. To do that I have to open PP first then browse to the presentation.

Never having used the script editor, how do I insert the code / start the editor to insert the code in the selected text?

One thought has just occured to me though, the PC's that this presentation will be used on have a fairly strict policy on installing software etc on the systems. Would the AntiVirus program that is installed stop the Java script from running or cause problems?

Again, many thanks.

  Forum Editor 13:16 13 Sep 2003

at the point in the text where you want the link to be. You'll see the slide text in the code editor, so it should be fairly straightforward. The javascript won't work until the page is viewed in your browser, so you'll have to run the presentation in IE to see the result.

You shouldn't have any problems with anti-virus programs - you aren't installing any software, just creating a desktop shortcut.

Hi FE,

The reason I asked about the Virus side of things is that as soon as I try to copy the first line of text on the link you gave above, (document.write("<APPLET HEIGHT=0 WIDTH=0></APPLET>");"
I get Norton AV shouting about a JS.Exception.exploit virus and it has been deleted from the PC.

  Forum Editor 16:57 13 Sep 2003

was programmed to take advantage of the <Applet> tag, but that should be a thing of the past.The vulnerability was in the Microsoft VM - Virtual Machine, and a patch was issued way back in 2000.

It's very unlikely that anyone would be affected by this today - I suggest that you visit the Windows update site to ensure that you aren't in any way vulnerable.

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