how to create a link to send as an email reply?

  hiwatt 11:00 12 Jan 2013

Hi folks.I'm trying to send an mp3 file to someone. My email is yahoo and I'm trying to send an mp3 as a reply to a previous email.Yahoo's limit is 25mb.I've tried splitting into 2 files of around 18mb each but it still doesn't send?Can someone show me how to create a link to send as a reply to an email?I tried with yousendit but it's only asking for my email address and the recipients?Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

  SillBill 11:18 12 Jan 2013 is free and will forward any size file, but the free service can be slow if the file is really big - say over 50MB.

  lotvic 11:18 12 Jan 2013

AFAIK yousendit provides the link to the file you have uploaded to their servers to send. The recipient has 7 days (free account) to download the file before it is removed from yousendit server.

"YouSendIt lets you send files up to 100 MB (for free) or 2 GB (paid accounts) via email."

"The uploaded documents are stored at YouSendIt for 7 (free) or 14 days (paid accounts), ready for download."

"Email recipients get a message containing a unique link to the file."

  SillBill 11:21 12 Jan 2013

Lotvic's comments also apply to sendthisfile except free account files are stored for 3 days BUT there is no limit on size.

  hiwatt 11:32 12 Jan 2013

Hi folks,I thought yousendit was free but it's asking for bank details even for the free trial?I've found a free one called Media fire.Has anyone tried this?I just want to reply to the email and include a link that will download the file automatically?

  alanrwood 11:37 12 Jan 2013


It is free and I have used it several times.

  hiwatt 11:45 12 Jan 2013

Media fire did the trick.Thanks for your help folks!

  lotvic 11:51 12 Jan 2013

I like the look of alanrwood's link transferbigfiles, it looks very easy to do drag n drop and "Send a large file right now without an account" 100MB max.

  hiwatt 18:37 12 Jan 2013

That one wasn't letting me create a link to send from my yahoo email.I could only upload the file,then insert the recipient and the senders address with a message.I was looking to upload a file then create a link to include in previous email exchanges.By the way although mediafire did just this when downloading the test file avast blocked a malicious website.jpeg that tried yo be opened up when the file downloaded.It seems to be a well used program too?

  SillBill 18:49 12 Jan 2013


If you use sendthisfile in the future enter YOUR email as recipient, that way you can copy the link to the file you uploaded, however it will only be active for 3 days and, I think, 3 downloads, unless you take a paid for subscription.

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