How to create an e mail alias in Outlook 2016

  john bunyan 16:02 03 Mar 2018

On my desktop I use Outlook 2016 as a platform for a couple of POP3 e mail accounts with Talk Talk (TT), and one each IMAC for my wife and myself . These two also come to our iPhones. I believe one can have an alias or two ? I am gradually moving my extensive contacts away from TT to Outlook in preparation for a change in ISP. I have found, when ordering goods, that sometimes you get annoying follow ups. What I would like to do is - for my main name to have an alias that I would give to on line sales etc, keeping my true name for family and friends. Ideally this alias would show in the header but come in via my normal one, as I prefer not to create more main e mail accounts.If possible could someone talk me through this?

  john bunyan 11:03 04 Mar 2018

In the absence of replies I will try to work through Dr Google...

  john bunyan 14:31 05 Mar 2018

One would have hoped for advice from this, a "PC" forum. However I will green tick and follow up on Google.

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