How to create a BB connection Win98se

  woodchip 23:22 26 Apr 2005

The title basically says it all, just solved one problem loading a wireless BB router/modem.

I have User Name and Password. but add connection wizard only creates 56k connection.

  Wak 10:06 27 Apr 2005

Just a shot in the dark, Woodchip, but if you go to Outlook Express/ Tools/ Accounts/ Properties/ Connection tab, is it set to Local Area Network?
If it is set to something else using the Settings button wouldn't it be working through the ordinary built-in modem ?? (i.e. 56KBS)??
LIke I say, just a thought.

  woodchip 11:01 27 Apr 2005

No it is External and I have that switched of so computer cannot see it

  Number 7 12:58 27 Apr 2005

Can you login to the router and access its setting/status?

If you can't then click here and do what it says under DHCP.

If you can login to the router, then enter your username and password- the router's default settings should be okay.

  sidmo 14:22 27 Apr 2005

Don't know if this is any help, but I have just set up a network with 2 comps using win xp and one with win98se. I set the modem/router up on comp using xp. I did not need to set up broadband on each computer and we connect to the internet by just clicking on internet explorer.

  woodchip 14:59 27 Apr 2005

Number 7

Yes I can I now get the settings in router OK, Where do I put the User and Password in settings. The Router is a 3com CRWDR100A-72 Wireless Firewall Router BB modem. I do not want to network it if possible, just so I can connect to Internet with all or any one without all computers being switched on.


If I cannot do it any other way, then I shall have to create a Network

  Number 7 15:17 27 Apr 2005

In chapter 4 (page 31) of the manual it shows a picture of the screen where you enter your username and password.

It's under PPPoA Mode.

This should be the one you want.

Leave the other settings at default for now and just enter your username and password.

Log out of the router and that should be it- off you go.

  woodchip 15:23 27 Apr 2005

Yes it worked, Thank's for that. Will it work for all my computers? and how will I connect? as I connected from router settings. Can I create some kind of Icon to click or do I just turn the router on to connect. I set the Idle to "0" would that be OK to stop it disconnecting?

  sidmo 16:02 27 Apr 2005

as you have wireless modem/router you do not have to have the other computers on to connect to the internet, they will connect through the modem/router as long as it is switched on.

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