How To Create Backup

  ponytail 12:20 03 Dec 2012

I use Bullguard and have only seen that it is possible to back up all my files using Bullguars.I have chosen to back them up to a empty external drive and chosen to backup whenever the files change.Has anyone else used Bullguard for doing a backup if so could they advise if what I have done is ok

  northumbria61 12:46 03 Dec 2012

If you have followed these instructions then everything should be okay enter link description here

There is also an option for you to use Online Data Backup which has a 30 day FREE trial enter link description here

Clicking on BUY NOW gives yo a variety of subscriptions.

  ponytail 12:52 03 Dec 2012

Hi northumbria61 How can I tell if everything has been backed up

  northumbria61 13:04 03 Dec 2012

When you have used backup to your external drive you should get a confirmation message to say it is completed. Right clicking on your external drive in My Computer will show you all the files.

  ponytail 13:13 03 Dec 2012

Hi again northumbria61 just went back into bullguard and did the following Clicked on backup Clicked on Start Restore Next Files Next External DD Next Selected Location There are only two external drives connected Drive H Drive G But whichever one I select it says the selected location does not appear to have contain a Bullguard backup. So where would they have gone any ideas

  northumbria61 13:19 03 Dec 2012

Did you have the external drive connected when you selected backup and did you select the correct drive number to backup to - ie: H or G ?

  northumbria61 13:22 03 Dec 2012

Are you sure you selected the correct location to backup to as in Step 3 of those instructions?

  ponytail 15:10 03 Dec 2012

Hi northumbria yes both drives were connected they are always connected if I right click on H and then G what should they show if the backup is on either of them.Is it possible that it may have gonen onto drive D becuse if when I go into my computer and click on drive D then click on documents it comes up with documents and also something titled Backup,ATTR and the same if I click on desktop it comes up with desktop and Backup,attr and under type it says ATTR file

  northumbria61 22:48 03 Dec 2012

It looks as if the backup has gone to your D drive or D partition. The title Backup most likely refers to your Bulldog backup and the ATTR is the file extension.

Info here about ATTR file enter link description here and a File Extension enter link description here

If you are selecting any one of your external drives for the backup destination then it should be going there. Is there any at all data on these drives?

  ponytail 08:02 04 Dec 2012

None that I can see is it possible to either move the files to the external drive using copy and paste or restore them and do the backup again

  northumbria61 10:18 04 Dec 2012

You could select the files that you want to backup - right click on the files/files and select send to selecting the destination ie: your external HDD

I don't use Bullguard but backup programs are pretty much the same although there are some differences but all designed to do just that - Backup.

Most have options to do a manual backup or a scheduled backup but either way you should get some indication on your taskbar that the program has started, its progress and when it is completed.

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