How To Copy SATA Hard Drive

  23790954 12:43 21 Apr 2006

As a pensioner, I have built and repaired numerous desktop computers for my family. All of these have used IDE hard drives, and I have copied these on several occasions. However I have recently built a Micro ATX system for my daughter-in law, who runs a unisex hair salon. This micro ATX system has a SATA2 hard drive installed, and I would like to make a copy of this, for data safety purposes, in case of trouble with original hard drive. As I cannot use the MASTER/SLAVE settings to copy one hard drive to another, can someone be good enough to explain how I would copy this hard drive, to another, considering the SATA system uses only a single cable. Many thanks to anyone who takes the trouble to help me with this query.

  pipedream 13:27 21 Apr 2006

I bought a Belkin PCI SATA controller card in PC World last week (£19.99) and used this to add a SATA drive to one of my PC's - you could maybe fit one of these to another PC, plug the SATA drive into this and copy to an IDE drive, or a second SATA drive (the Belkin card supports two SATA drives).

  The Old Mod 13:30 21 Apr 2006

You could buy a pendrive and save data to this every now and again, that way it will always be save, and not on the pc.

  DieSse 13:59 21 Apr 2006

The simplest way would be to get an external USB2 hard drive, and maka a copy to that.. Then you can also take the external drive away from the premises, for added security.

  DieSse 14:02 21 Apr 2006

PS - the system almost certainly has two SATA ports, and probably an IDE port too, for the optical drives.

If yoy wanted to use a second SATA drive to copy onto, that would not be a problem - neither would using an IDE drive on the Optacal drive IDE cable.

I'm not sure what relevance you think tht Master/Slave settings on the drive have - drives, however thay are connected, have different drive letters, and copying from anyone drive letter to any other is the same, no matter what the actual connection type.

  DieSse 14:04 21 Apr 2006

PPS - if you already have a spare IDE drive, you can just get an enclosure for IDE drives, with a USB2 interface, and fit the IDE drive into it.

  terryf 14:25 21 Apr 2006

My motherboard has at least 2 sata ports and surpisely enough to me both drives on each port had to be set to master (I whiled away a happy afternoon figuring that out). I can recommend getting an external USB hard drive and a copy of Acronis, make a backup of C drive on your external drive before doing anything else then you will be safer. Acronis helps you to make a bootable CD that allows you to restore from the USB drive if all else fails. I also recommend EA8 to back up all your emails and OE account settings on the usb drive. I have a 2nd drive. I only have OS and progs on the C drive, everything else on the D drive, backups on USB drive, EA8 to make backups of emails, accounts and browser settings

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