how to copy pc games as backup to my collection

  [email protected] 20:09 12 Oct 2003

i have a few pc games and would very much like to copy these games to a new cd as backup to any that might get damaged as have some already by my children what do i need to do ie what program can i use to rip or copy these games i thank you for your advice

  Elrond 20:13 12 Oct 2003

I doubt any1 will give advice on this. I dont think you're allowed to copy your games legally.

  bremner 20:22 12 Oct 2003

Most CD Burning software eg Nero, East CD etc has the capability to Copy CD's.

There are three problems that spring to mind.

1. Many Games CD's have copyright protection built in.

2. As Elrond states you will need to carefully read the licencing agreement to see if you can legitimately make a copy.

  bremner 20:24 12 Oct 2003

3. Some games have CD's that are larger in data size than 'normal' CD's

  the lone cloner 20:45 12 Oct 2003

clone cd is no longer available due to copyright laws.

  pinka 20:51 12 Oct 2003

i dont know if this would work but theres a program called alcohol that is supposed to eliminate the need for using your cd's to play games by creating a virtual drive where it stores the entire contents of a cd . im guessing but it would seem possible to then copy these files to a cd .

  Mike 22:16 12 Oct 2003
  soy 22:54 12 Oct 2003

Alcohol is quite good but not all games will work with it. Some games will still insist on you inserting a disk. But for the majority of the games out there, Alcohol is a decent piece of software. One drawback of copying CD's to your hard drive is that it will eat up hard drive space.

Mike has provided a link to Alcohol above. Another similar software is called Gamedrive: click here

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