How to copy emails to Word

  rawsongreen 16:33 22 Mar 2013

Is it possible to put an exact copy of a Windows Live email into Word?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:48 22 Mar 2013

Later versions of Word allow you to open .eml files used by Windows Live Mail. All you need to do is save your chosen e-mail as a file somewhere, or simply drag 'n' drop it from WLM onto your Desktop. Finally open Word, open the file you just saved and it should appear in Word exactly as it appears in WLM.

Alternatively, you could try copying and pasting from WLM into Word although the formatting is likely to get messed up in the transfer.

  wee eddie 17:19 22 Mar 2013

Hit Print Screen and Paste the result into Word

  Secret-Squirrel 17:38 22 Mar 2013

Eddie, it's worth pointing out that the OP won't be able to edit the text or images after pasting a screen-grab, and neither will it be the "exact copy" he's hoping for as the image will contain the WLM program window, Windows Taskbar and Start button etc.

  AroundAgain 18:17 22 Mar 2013

For an 'exact copy' of an email, I have printed or saved using PDF Creator (free download).

  TonyV 18:56 22 Mar 2013


I have just done as you state in your first paragraph, and certainly in Word 2007 it works very well and can be edited as one wishes! Very quick and easy.


  rawsongreen 11:49 23 Mar 2013

Many thanks everyone,

Wee Eddy - I have used print sceen but as Secret-Squirrel says you cannot make changes. Secret-Squirrel - My Word is 2003 and it does not work pity. AroundAgain - A PDF was not quite what I wanted

  lotvic 12:13 23 Mar 2013

Secret-Squirrel's, way works perfectly in my Office Word 2003. Did you do the first part - save your chosen e-mail as a file (it becomes .eml) then rightclick on saved .eml and choose Open with Word.

You may then wish to alter the 'Views' as it opens complete with the 'Document Map' panel on the left. Unclick that in the 'View' menu, and then in 'View' menu click on 'Print Layout'

  rawsongreen 13:24 23 Mar 2013

Thanks lotvic. I have Word in Office 2003. I do save in EML but when I right click on it I do not get an option to choose 'open with Word'. What am I doing wrong?

  rawsongreen 13:32 23 Mar 2013

Thanks again lotvic I've done it.

  lotvic 14:05 23 Mar 2013

We both should thank Secret-Squirrel :) I didn't know about it until now so thanks for starting Thread.

and thank you Secret-Squirrel for the how-to

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