How to coonect deck speakers to pc?

  maintejahoon 15:58 19 Aug 2008


I have 2 aiwa hifi speakers. Each speaker has 2 cords
1. rca plug
2. wire is having 2 parts the ends are open
i.e no plug just naked wire.

how can i connect these speakers to pc?

plz help

  Seth Haniel 16:09 19 Aug 2008

you may need a pre-amp to power them too...

I may be wrong - leads would need a 3.5mm jack plug soldered on then the problem of getting stereo

  Forum Editor 16:12 19 Aug 2008

of our forum - it should be in the Helproom, and I'm moving it now.

  DieSse 17:27 19 Aug 2008

These speakers are not designed to be connected to a PC - they need to be fed by an amplifier.

The PC output is designed to be fed into an amplifier (that's why PC speakers have power leads - because they have amplifiers inside them.)

  DieSse 17:29 19 Aug 2008

Another thing - the speakers will not be magnetically shielded (PC speakers are). This means if you place the Aiwas near to a CRT monitor they will badly affect the display.

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