How to convert .wlmp files and burn to DVD

  john bunyan 18:01 09 Feb 2012

I have w7 ultimate, with MCE. I sometimes record a tv show and although it takes a time, can burn it to DVD that plays in my other DVD player, by using the MCE to burn / convert the TV. I wanted to edit out adverts, so I downloaded Windows Live Movie Maker, and managed to edit adverts out. Then came the problem. I have not found how to convert the edited tv show and burn it to a DVD that can be viewed on my other DVD player. I tried Roxio copy and convert, but it did not recognise the .wlmp file. Is there any free software to do this? I am aware of VideoRedo but I need this relatively infrequently.

  rdave13 18:10 09 Feb 2012

The wlmp file is a project file, not a video. You need to open it in WLMM and save the movie.

  john bunyan 18:47 09 Feb 2012

rdave13. Thanks; trying it now- I think it has to be saved to the PC HD first rather than straight to a DVD. I do not understand why TV recording etc on a PC is so much more complicated than on my DVD recorder(s) where I can create chapters of the adverts than delete them.

  rdave13 19:20 09 Feb 2012

It will save as WMV format. Try DVD flick. It's a free program to convert files to play on DVD players. Having problems with BT line and internet drops so I can't reply often. Engineer supposed to come tomorrow.

  john bunyan 19:24 09 Feb 2012

rdave13Thank you so much. It converted ok but no sound after burning to DVD, will have a look at DVD Flic.Hope you get your BT line sorted.

  rdave13 19:25 09 Feb 2012

While I'm still online have a look here

  john bunyan 19:29 09 Feb 2012

Thanks again. I will study the whole matter in the next few days. The DVD was playing at about double speed so maybe that was why the sound was not on, but I need to do more homework on the whole subject!!

  rdave13 19:39 09 Feb 2012
  rdave13 19:55 09 Feb 2012

thre's a good pdf to download under the 'guide' tab

  john bunyan 16:01 10 Feb 2012

rdave13. Update. I had another look at WLMM and my project. Whilst editing out the adverts on the TV show, I ran the file at quite high speeds (x2;x16 etc) At the end I think I left one of these in the speed box when closing. I have had another look and re saved it a x1 speed an the sound is back. I am now using Windows DVD maker to burn to disk and will report back when finished. The burn seems to take a long time. Thanks again for your input!

  rdave13 17:04 10 Feb 2012

BT line sorted today, at last. Fault 880 metres away from house, so no cost, thankfully. Line needs to stabilize before getting back to speed they say.

Never used Windows DVD maker so I hope it goes OK.

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