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How to convert a "VCDHD" disc into a DVD or similar - keeping all menus etc

  PC_HelpMe 23:10 27 May 2012

Hi folks,

Is there any way I can convert a VCDHD disc that I have into a DVD disc or similar? The VCDHD disc has menus that come up and I want to retain them if possible. I know I can't just "copy" the disc as it will copy another VCDHD. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated on if this can be done and, if so, what software I can use.

Thanks for reading.

  Nontek 07:10 28 May 2012
  PC_HelpMe 08:34 28 May 2012

Hi and thanks for your reply. My disc does say vcdhd - but if that is the same I will try your link.

  natdoor 10:03 28 May 2012

I believe that VCDHD refers to the type of disc and not the format of data written on it. Use Windows Explorer to determine the format of the video. I believe a straight copy will be OK.

  eedcam 10:40 28 May 2012

Unless your disc explores as as a Video _ts folder you cant. Also the size of the file should tell you you can only get about 15 mins or so of avchd on a dvd

  natdoor 17:21 28 May 2012

Some info on VCDHD click here.

  eedcam 18:17 28 May 2012

G SpotAye from about 2006 should think its died the death by now albeit it says will play on most dvd players? if so then just copy it Pchelp me install Gspot no its not rude that will tell you exactly what format the video is in its free

  PC_HelpMe 22:30 29 May 2012

Hi everyone, well I feel a tad stupid.

I checked via "My Computer" what the disc says when in the laptop, and it calls it a "DVD". However, I tried to just do a straight copy using Nero 8 and it "failed to read" the disc. I guess I at least know it is a DVD disc then?

Thanks for your help and advice. Very much appreciated.

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