How to convert a large amount of music tracks.?

  Uboat 15:54 21 Jun 2010

oh dear i need some help is there a program that can convert a load of songs ive got from a Mpeg file format to a MPS3 pls.? ive got one program but it will only do one song at a time.?
anyone got any ideas pls

  gengiscant 16:39 21 Jun 2010

What format are you trying to convert to mp3?

  Uboat 17:31 21 Jun 2010

Mpeg gengiscant, its to go on a hard drive with a built in media player, thankx

  john bunyan 17:46 21 Jun 2010

See here:

click here

  Uboat 22:23 21 Jun 2010

john bunyan cheers! ive looked at the link & there is talk of many...if im going to pay for a prog do u have any idea which is best pls.?

  john bunyan 08:59 22 Jun 2010

If you are going to pay, I would look at Roxio Creator 2010, which has lots of other features. Suggest you check carefully it will do what you want.

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