how to convert????

  7 17:18 16 Sep 2003

i want to fill the application forms which either i have to download from site in ACROBAT READER or else i can get by my problem is that i don't want to fill it with pen so i want to type on that and take print out.....kindly tell me how can i write on the acrobat file and also if i get a form to scan than how can i write on that as after scanning i can copy that file either in JPG OR BITMAP OR TIF OR other file but in in MS word....kindly tell me how to do in both cases.......

  WaiKent 17:24 16 Sep 2003

put in paint and use the word type option? why not anyway. its very easy writing.

  MAJ 18:43 16 Sep 2003

Correct me if I'm wrong, 7. You want to scan a form so that you can type something on to it or edit the text that is already on the form, or both?

That is done using OCR (Optical Character Recognition)software which usually comes bundled with your scanner software. The form is scanned and loaded into a word processing package and from there you can edit it.

Apologies if I haven't understood you correctly and that's not what you meant.

  7 02:15 17 Sep 2003

thank u MAJ ...u have understood my problem correctly ....i will definitely try this but this is the one part of my problem.......the other part stays the same as if i downloaded some papers in acrobat than how can i edit that format....i will let u know if i could able to correct my problem no1.....thanx once again...

  john-232317 08:28 17 Sep 2003

I think you only have the reader part of the program.

If you want to edit PDF files, you have to buy the full program, mega bucks.

Put your downloaded page on screen and click buy Acrobat 5.

The first page that comes up will tell you all about the program...sorry but it looks like anyone can read for free but to edit you have to have full program.

  graham√ 09:29 17 Sep 2003

Print the Acrobat form and scan it as above.

  7 12:02 17 Sep 2003

thank u MAJ for the advice...i tried that as i have hp officejet v45 with me and its driver cd doesn't have that kindly let me know that from where to get it doenlooaded for free....

  stlucia 12:46 17 Sep 2003

In my humble opinion, if you want a real challenge you can go down the OCR route. But you'll spend so much time correcting the OCR sotfware's mistakes that you might as well have typed in the whole form from scratch!

The normal Adobe Acrobat Reader which you are presumably using does not allow you to alter the images (e.g. type into them).

The simplest method without buying the full version of Adobe Acrobat is to print the blank form fromm Adobe Acrobat Reader, fill it in by hand, and then scan the filled-in form to make a .bmp or .tif file that you can then email back to the sender.

  graham√ 14:11 17 Sep 2003

OCR may be called 'Editable Text' on your printer program.

  7 11:55 20 Sep 2003

OCR is not there at all on my hp deskjet cd neither as editable wat to do???

  DieSse 12:09 20 Sep 2003

Do what St Lucia suggested - nothing but pain and frustration any other way!

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