how to contact ms for help

  jarani 00:55 01 Jun 2006

can anyone advise please - jarani

  Belatucadrus 01:03 01 Jun 2006
  wee eddie 08:07 01 Jun 2006

Why not post the problem here?

  kdt 09:10 01 Jun 2006

try microsoft emea technical support clerk< [email protected]

  jarani 16:59 01 Jun 2006

thanks for the links - i will try to make contact

wee eddie - i normally go for help here and get much support but in this case i probably need MS help, if any

my problem is that i downloaded ms office 2007 beta version only to find that it took over and i could no longer access my works files - to recover the situation i system restored on the good advice from the forum members

it worked like a dream allowing me access to my works files but it also removed my word 2002 software supplied with the new computer - i tried to reinstall from my oem disk but get a message to say that the software i am trying to install is not accessible - i am now without the word 2002 which i also need

i am hoping that ms can somehow help - jarani

  wee eddie 17:54 01 Jun 2006

The old software may be time limited.

How long have you had the PC?

  Jackcoms 18:22 01 Jun 2006

We've already provided solutions/explanations for you on this problem click here

  namtas 18:53 01 Jun 2006

Not answer to your request, but with regard to your problem have you tried an discounted the system restore facility? which should allow you to restore to an earlier time.

  namtas 18:56 01 Jun 2006

I now see that you have another thread running offering the same restore advice have you noted this advice and have you tried to restore

  jarani 21:59 01 Jun 2006

thank you again - i have system restored as previously suggested by the forum members - successfully, except for the loss of all reference to Word software - it seems that the office 2007 exchanged my Word 2002 to 2007 and when system restore removed 2007, on its removal it did not revert to Word 2002 leaving me without any Word software - i am sorry if my rumblings did not make this clear - i now cannot reinstall my Word 2002 software from my oem disk - jarani

  wee eddie 22:00 01 Jun 2006

1. Check that you have a copy of all your Files and Passwords.

2. Return your system to its factory condition.

3. Reinstall Windows SP2 etc.

4. Remember that the very first thing you do when you go back on-line is to Activate the Firewall and then update the Anti Virus.

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