How to construct a commercial website

  caast©? 18:37 30 Nov 2003

I have constructed a couple of websites and these are displaying on the web.
However a friend as asked me to help construct one for him. This will be a commercial site so that he can sell his products on the net.

Although I have a decent knowledge of Dreamweaver 4 I have never contructed a site with goods and or a basket to purchase on-line.

I have registered a name and signed up for a business account with oneandone the company I use for my own sites.

offline I have constructed the pages with the items for sale but now I need to be able to add to the basket/ view/ invoice /and collect payment and the information ordered to be able to deliver the goods. I have set up a visa account and a merchant ID. I am told, I also require the services of a secure server such as Protex or World Pay.

Can anyone please tell me how to complete and test the site or where I can get the information I require to do so. M

  Taran 19:43 30 Nov 2003

Have you looked at the tools provided by 1&1 at all ?

Since you've chosen them as your host, why not call and ask them about their Turnkey eShops and other commerce solutions ?

They have a couple of alternatives to choose from and they could be termed more or less ideal for a newcomer to online trading since it's mostly wizard driven, although they may not be your cheapest option.

PayPal click here and their counterparts all have pretty good instructions on their sites. PayPal is arguably one o0f the quickest and easiest to set up, and possibly among the least expensive. Click the link on their site to Merchant Tools where you can read about how it all works and how to implement things. There's also a link to the PayPal shopping cart and similar features.

Is your account with 1&1 Windows or Linux hosted ?

This could be important in making certain decisions on how best to run things.

Post back with more detail and one of us will try and help further.



  Forum Editor 23:16 30 Nov 2003

you won't be able to process payments online without an Internet merchant account, and these are extremely difficult to get. Banks (called 'acquirers' in the business) typically require 2 year's trading history, plus audited accounts, etc. It can be a long and daunting process, sometimes taking many months and even after waiting that long many companies have their applications turned down. Internet card transactions carry the highest risk rating of all.

As you rightly say, you'll need the services of a company like WorldPay - in fact they're the company I would recommend. They have an excellent reputation and what they don't know about secure online payment processing isn't worth knowing.
click here to find out more.

  caast©? 20:43 01 Dec 2003

Firstly my site will be on windows.

My friend has a successful business and will have no problems providing accounts.

it seems I need to look at Paypal and Worldpay in detail. I am amased at the costs involved and all the different things involved.

My site will only be available to UK customers so there is no need to accept in different currencies etc.

The account is with Barclays and I was led to understand they can provide secure online payments, it appears I need to check this out also before signing up to Paypal or WorldPay

Obviously things are a little more complicated than I first thought. M

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