How to connect up TV with DVD, and Telewest

  Lord Isleworth 14:46 23 Feb 2006

Help, I'm not great at connecting all these things together, so any help appreciated.
I can't get this right and it's doing my head in, have searched for help on the forum but everyone seems to have a different configuration so here goes.
Sony TV with two scart connections.
Telewest set top box (think it has two scarts)
soon to have a dvd recorder

I also have a video but because of my attempts to get this to work it now sits there doing nothing. I think it plays but get a blank screen, does this mean I have to retune it??
Can someone do an idiot proof explanation, explaining the different connections needed and walk me through it.

An idea for the forum, the chance to buy people a virtual drink when they have helped you and you get a little wine glass/beer icon depending on your tipple :)

  Lord Isleworth 16:00 23 Feb 2006

click here

answered my own question

  Ivor_Monkey 17:24 23 Feb 2006

The diagram is very good, except I can't see any point in running an audio (out) connection from hifi surround amp to TV when the room is surrounded by speakers.

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