how to connect a dial up modem?

  athenrye 18:19 20 Aug 2007

im setting up a new computer
still not got broadband installed until next week

how do you install a virgin dial up connection, hes got a realtek gigabit ethernet nic
can this be used for dial up


  brundle 18:21 20 Aug 2007

That's an ethernet network card, you need a modem for dial-up (and a working phoneline, broadband enabled or not).

  [email protected] 18:31 20 Aug 2007

No, it can't be used for dial-up.
Lots of new computers these days don't come with a dial-up modem fitted. They are in the form of a PCI card - not expensive and easy to fit.
This is the sort of thing:
click here
If your new computer is under warranty, which I suspect it is, be careful about voiding the warranty by doing a bit of DIY. Contact the supplier for guidance.

  Miké 19:26 20 Aug 2007

USB modem click here

  athenrye 21:00 20 Aug 2007

hi guys
thanks for the info
kind of thought as much, it was a friends house i was at helping him set up his new computer as the old one was knackered, hes getting sky broadband next week with a wireless modem connection

stupid question now....will theis new nic ethernet card be fine for his broadband connection

will the sky wireless modem come with a short cable to connect to the cpu, as they sit next to each other, seems the easy way to do it?

or would he be better to get a wireless adaptor for the back of the nic card, if thats what you have to do

maybe this should have been a new thread

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