How to confirm if been hacked?

  jonbobsuerita 01:34 18 Nov 2012

Hi there

Ive been having problems with my laptop for a while mainly regarding security. I think someone has got unauthorised access but I need to confirm it.

Ive had all my security settings checked, perform scans etc that are all in order however how do I find out for definite.

Its been going on a while and yet unusual things keep happening. A friend who is supposed to be in the IT know (friend of husbands and I dont really know him) checked our laptop and said there were some very strange things on there that he couldn't explain but it didnt look anything serious. He removed a couple of programmes (mainly gaming ones) but didnt think they had posed any threat.

I deleted my user account and started again yet there have been a few odd things however tonight whilst trying to navigate to my banks website a warning has shown, insecure site and advised that if it is a usual site then another user must be using my account (not exact words obviously)

I just need to confirm it once and for all for my sanity.

Many thanks

  Terry Brown 09:54 18 Nov 2012

I suggest you download your banks security program and also 'Trusteer Rapport', which may also be available from your bank.

  • Trusteer,

When you have activated it, it checks for the registered address of the website and if the IP address is wrong- (page hijacked) re-directs it to the correct registered address.

Banks website is designed to keep banking system safe, and is normally more secure than a commercial site.


  jonbobsuerita 12:08 18 Nov 2012

Thanks so much for advice. Ive got trusteer and usually check to make sure site is showing secure before going on. Thanks.

I use windows security essentials.

Do you know if there is anything I could look for in event viewer? I've had a look and it doesn't seem what I would think are usual entries but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at?

Thanks again. All advice appreciated

  lotvic 13:57 18 Nov 2012

Do you still get the warning even if you manually type the banks url in the address bar?

What program gives you the warning? (is it the browser or another program)

Which browser are you using and O/S (XP Vista W7)

Have you checked you are not being redirected through a proxy? (that might mean that another site is viewing/recording what you enter on the real site).

  lotvic 14:09 18 Nov 2012

Bank url in address bar and your bookmark/favourites check that it begins with https:// and not just http:// The s means it is secure.

  jonbobsuerita 15:24 18 Nov 2012

I have avast also but don't enable both at same time, I didn't think you were supposed to.

The warning when trying to access banks website is just one of the anomalies, this is the first time it's happened and just spurred me to post this.

I've had random programmes and files appear. Been unable to log off on two occasions cos warned another user is using laptop but only husband has access and he was in bed. There's been numerous things, that many but there is no pattern.

Is the difference between https and http just whether secure or not?

I got the initial feeling that I was being redirected with a view to getting log in details. I'm with RBS and cos of the recent Santander fiasco others have worried about its security and RBS web page has been redirecting all over the place to take the merger or lack of it now into account.

During start up if there anything I would be able to see if someone was key logging or some sort of remote access?

Apologies for delays in checking posts, not with laptop at mo but keep checking phone. I am very interested and appreciate everyone's help.

  lotvic 15:36 18 Nov 2012

sounds to me as if you have a conflict by having both MSE and Avast installed. Completely Uninstall one of them, or both and then reinstall the one you intend using.

First you could have a look in their program logs to read reports. But I'm putting my money on conflicting programs - they interfere with each other even though you may have one disabled from running.

  lotvic 15:39 18 Nov 2012

ps I use Free Avast and have SpywareBlaster installed (they do different things so no conflict, spywareBlaster is free)

  lotvic 15:42 18 Nov 2012

also have Trusteer Rapport, from Bank website (sorry for triple posts)

  onthelimit1 17:11 18 Nov 2012


I'm now up to 7 PCs where Trusteer has caused problems - all different from problems updating to crashes when loading pages. I'm sure this programme has not been properly researched and is using bank customers as guinea pigs.

  Woolwell 17:21 18 Nov 2012

I've found no mention of inprivate or incognito browsing which is advisable when doing online banking.

I also use Kaspersky 2013 (free from my bank) which has Safe Money.

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