How to configure Window Media Player?

  Diemmess 15:41 25 Nov 2003

Have not bothered with any audio stuff on present computer, interest lies in graphics, publishing local material and digital photography etc.

Win98SE 512MB Duron 1200.

Now, asked to open what turned out to be AVI files, I realise I cannot even play an audio CD as I have in the past.

Quicktime has disappeared but Real Player, Windows Media Player and Aol Media Player and Winamp can all be made to play tracks.

Aol MP will only work when Aol is running though sound is good and stable. But Real Player seems useless, and I expect to remove it (Can't remember how I acquired it)

W.M.P. and Winamp can both be made to play, but at rapid speed (sound like woody woodpecker), and both become distorted until I press Pause and Play buttons.
Earlier attempts to run AVI files give a micro burst of high speed sound and no sign of a picture.

Request to Agony Aunts out there "What can I do"

  Stuartli 17:41 25 Nov 2003

I use QuickTime, RealOne and Windows Media Player9 - there are no clashes with QT and WMP.

RealOne is a swine, taking over everything if not configured properly and ensuring it is not the default.

Windows Media Player9 will play DVDs as well as CDs, but a simple CD player can be found in Irfanview, which is also an excellent and very versatile picture viewer...:-)

If you stick with Windows Media Player, ensure that you have version 9 and that you download the proper Win98 version as there are several available.

  Diemmess 18:47 25 Nov 2003

No time to play tonight but will post back tomorrow when I have had a go.

Incidentally, like MidgetMan suggests I will comb out the registry, because although I have already ditched RealPlayer and Winamp, the Registry will always hang on to no end of unhelpful residues.

  Diemmess 17:33 27 Nov 2003

In Short: .....Have downloaded huge WMP v.9 for Win98 etc.

Still the same fault. The Player shows Connecting > and then very very briefly - "Error downloading MJPG codec". The Audio plays at about 5X correct speed and video never wakes up.

Have searched for MJPG codec in vain, trying Google and M$ download site.....WMP has no reference that I can find to Codec at all, or at least has no suggestion on how to acquire or list them.

When installing the latest version from the download I accepted all the possible (default) options on file types which included AVI.

  gold 47 20:09 27 Nov 2003

Your using a lot of Ram for windows 98 it's a wonder your not getting computer lock ups my older
computer uses a Duron 1.3 W98 but locks up with 500mb ok 314mb.

  Diemmess 19:58 28 Nov 2003

Short answer - Install Quicktime !
To all who contributed, (and might just look back) thank you.

Irradicated all the non working bits, downloaded the latest WMP (for 98) but couldn't find or understand missing codecs.

Entirely by coincidence last night, with my useful son present, (we were setting up my Mac Powerbook for his camera and printer to use at a junior school Xmas party for pic-with Santa) noticed in the Olympus support was Quicktime.

I used to have this before the last major re-do and using HyperOS. Had barely missed QT and did wonder where I had it from in a past life.

Since I bought a better Olympus this year, I had shunned installing anything except the USB drivers, but just now I installed QT and it does all I wanted without any tweaking!

For gold47: ....... You are right, though I have 1GB of RAM onboard, Hyperos uses this in Hyperdrive, otherwise it is limited to about 330 for ordinary purposes.

For cycose: ........ The sound is integral and I just didn't get around to reinstalling having very little control of it anyway. If I were into videos and fine music, I would have built this PC very differently anyway...... That is my excuse for managing with appalling built-in speakers in the monitor. They sound like headphones given away with a toffee apple, but they save lots of desk space!

It is very satisfactory to solve any problem even if it doesn't make the purists cheer.

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