How to configure ftp access to my website

  happylady 11:29 10 Feb 2009

A designer needs to have access to my website, he will need to have access to the database, could someone please tell me how do i set up permissions for them to have full access to the database? Do i create an additional user for the database & then set the permissions from there? Also i've created an ftp account for them but i don't know how to give them permissions for this, i don't want them to have access to all of my files, just some. I'm using cpanel & don't want to give them my cpanel login details.

  Kemistri 22:37 10 Feb 2009

I have to say that if I was your developer, I would be a little bit concerned by the lack of trust that is evident in your wish to restrict his access to "some" of your server's files. If it's about confidentiality, that should be part of the contract. Anyway...

It's not possible to change FTP access restrictions unless you have sufficient control over the server configuration, specifically the FTP user permissions. Many hosting providers don't even provide for more than one FTP user - those that do may not permit that degree of customisation. If yours does provide this degree of control, it will be available at the time of creating a new FTP user.

Changing MySQL users and permissions in cPanel is simple. Select the user; select the database; then select the permissions and click to add them.

Info like that is all available on the cPanel website: click here.

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