How to configure Firefox to work with AOL

  Angry Kid 20:35 09 Jul 2008


Following a post earlier in the week on this forum, my work colleague has decided to move to Firefox rather than use to whole AOL browser software.

However, is someone able to help me configure her pc to enable her to connect to the internet by going directly through Firefox and not signing into AOL beforehand.

All help appreciated as always.

Angry ;-)

  ambra4 21:58 09 Jul 2008

Download and install the AOL Toolbar 1.2 extension

click here

  Angry Kid 22:30 09 Jul 2008

Thank you for your post.

However, I am talking to a friend on Skype and he doesnt use this add on and can get online direct through Firefox. He is not aware he configured anything different to enable him to do this.

Apologies if i have missed something simple. However, i am not familiar with the AOL software.

Angry ;-)

  ambra4 22:49 09 Jul 2008

Same here never use the AOL software heard that it can be a real pain, started off with Netscape and went to Firefox

  Angry Kid 22:52 09 Jul 2008

Forgot to mention that she is running the new version of Firefox and your add on is not compatable with this.

Angry ;-)

  brundle 23:00 09 Jul 2008

Should have edited out that screen-name...

  ashdav 23:23 09 Jul 2008

All respect to Brundle but there is a simpler way.
Uninstall anything to do with AOL on your computer.
Reset the router AOL supplied you with by pressing the small button next to the power socket for a few seconds.
Wait until all the lights stop flashing.
Now open up your browser (IE,Firefox,Opera,whatever) and type into the top search bar.
When asked the user is "admin" and password is "password".
Enter the info as requested.
Scroll to the bottom of the list on the lefthand side and logoff.

  ashdav 23:27 09 Jul 2008

Duh my fault!!
Type into search bar.

  rdave13 23:34 09 Jul 2008

I'm a bit confused here. If you're using an ethernet modem or modem/router then you're already connected to the net. No need for AOL's software just any browser. If you're connected via usb modem then right click the AOL icon in system tray, click AOL dialler, enter screen name, password and auto sign-on if required. Then use any browser. You'll only need AOL's software installed if using an USB modem.

  rdave13 23:36 09 Jul 2008

Once the router is set-up for AOL you can simply uninstall the software anyway and still connect.

  Snec 23:39 09 Jul 2008

rdave13 is correct in what he says.

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