How to configure 2 LAN connections in a single PC

  djo 11:55 14 Jul 2008

Hi there, I am trying to setup 2 PC's (PC1 and PC2) as follows... PC1 to have full access to the internet and be able to access files on PC2. PC2 is to be completely segregated from the internet and is only a source of files for PC1 (PC2 is a built-in PC which drives laboratory equipment). I have connected a D-Link DUB-E100 USB ethernet adaptor to PC1. I would like to connect PC1 to PC2 via ethernet cable via the ethernet adaptor. I would like to use PC1's original ethernet socket to connect PC1 to the internet. Can anyone tell me how to configure the settings to allow PC1 to see the internet and PC2 but PC2 not be able to see the internet? If anyone has any alternative suggestions for how to do this I would be grateful!!

  Ditch999 12:22 14 Jul 2008

First off.
If PC1 is connected to the internet and PC2 is connected to PC1 then PC2 will be more open to infection from virii and malware than PC1. There are virii and malware that seek out networks and spread through LANs. If PC2 is not connecting to the internet then it cant run anti virus/anti malware programmes and cannot look for Windows updates.
If you want PC2 to be secure then do not connect it to PC1 or the internet and disable the CD drive, the USB ports and the floppy drive.

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