how to config backup harddrive

  beameupscoty 16:50 29 Mar 2003

hiya was reading earlier threads on backups so ive already thought about it and ive got a new harddrive for the porpose off just a backup drive. how do i configer using xppro on a 40gb hd with 2 partitions on ide0. inv a cdrwiter and a dvd. whats the best way to configer these on ide0 and ide1 and what jumper settings help please.

  woodchip 17:00 29 Mar 2003

Put the new drive on the same ribbon as the other hard drive but before you do set the jumper at the back of the drive to S/L for slave. then after you are connected restart your computer. and go into setup and auto config the drive. "BUT BEFORE YOU DO ALL THIS SWITCH THE POWER OFF BY PULLING THE PLUG IN THE WALL"

  woodchip 17:02 29 Mar 2003

PS when you get into windows start Explorer right click the drive and choose format you will have to OK it as it will see that it is a Hard Drive

  Pesala 17:04 29 Mar 2003

I have read elsewhere that one should leave the PC plugged in at the mains in order to earth the case. One should, of course, not attempt to fit a new hard drive with the PC powered up.

Any further advice welcome. Wear rubber boots, for example?

  cream. 17:06 29 Mar 2003

You must first find out what your present set up is. When you boot the computer up it will tell you what is primary master and slave. Underneath it will tell you what is secondary master and slave. If you write these down and let us know then the rest will be simple.

If the computer boots so fast that you cannot read them, then press the pause\break button to freeze the screen. To set it running again just press enter.

If you are unable to get any thing from here then keep pressing the delete button to get into the bios. Pick standard cmos options and you will get the list from there. To exit just press ctrl\alt and delete to exit with out any changes.

I personally like this setup.

Primary master IDE0

Primary slave DVD

Secondary master CDRW

Secondary slave IDE1

  beameupscoty 17:24 29 Mar 2003

thanks people. havent changed anything yet. the setup is primary master ide0= drive c. primary slave dvd. secondery master ide1=cdrw. before i change do i need to format the new one first or can i do that or after

  woodchip 17:26 29 Mar 2003

After as above

  cream. 18:19 29 Mar 2003

Your easiest solution would be to set the jumper on the new drive to slave. On your cdrw ribbon cable you will have a spare connector. Connect hard drive up with red stripe on ribbon cable facing the red wire on the power connector.

Check in the bios that secondary slave is set to auto. Save changes and exit.

To format the drive in xp go to start and then right click my computer. Pick the manage tab and then scroll down to disk management. In the right pane you will see your new drive, make sure you pick the right one. lol

Right click in the bar and pick format. Your slave hard drive will now be ready for use.

  beameupscoty 23:57 29 Mar 2003

hiya back on agian. done alll you told me v. idiot. but format only allows me to format on ntfs. fat32 is what i need

  cream. 08:13 30 Mar 2003

If it doesn't have a drop down box with ntfs and fat32 on it then your main hard drive must be ntfs.

Are you sure you then want fat32 for the new drive?

If you do then switch off the machine.Take the ide cable out of your main hard drive and boot up. Insert a win98 floppy and let it load to the a:\ prompt. Then type so it reads a:\ format c: and enter. This will format the disk in fat32.

When it is done shut down the machine and reconnect the main hard drive, now boot to x\p. The drive should be found immediately and then put in my computer.

  beameupscoty 14:01 30 Mar 2003

thanks V,IDIOT ive allready done that and it seems to be working fine, i just didnt realy know the cable setup. a little nohow off allot is dangeruose. now im going to fill some junk and stuff onto the drive. thanks guys

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