How? complete reformat of HD & installation of XP

  droof 13:23 20 Feb 2003

My laptop currently has a dual boot system – Windows 98 & Windows XP. Besides the fact that my 20Gb HD (partitioned equally - C & D drives) is nearly full, the Windows 98 side of things is playing up. I have now finally purchased Windows XP versions of all the software that I use under Windows 98, which makes the 98 side of things redundant. I therefore wish to completely reformat the HD (keeping both C & D drives, at their current size), and have just the one Operating System (Windows XP).

I have contacted my laptop suppliers (and visited their website), but as my machine is a couple of years old, assistance is not forthcoming. (I have managed to glean details of most of the hardware in the machine via the bios, system info, and my computer/properties/Device Manager). I have also backed up all of my documents to my PC (on a LAN to the laptop and my children’s computers – Various OS’s Windows 98/2000/XP), as well as the hardware settings under Windows 98 & XP, and the system info (98).

I have trawled the WWW for advice re the above, and I am in a daze by the amount available, but nothing that fits my setup & requirements. I have a lot of experience in using computers (and avidly reading PC magazines – mainly PC Advisor), and, in the past I have been shown how to reformat HD’s and install the OS’s (Windows 95 & 98), by younger and more expert people than myself. This was usually done at warp 9.9, and was therefore something of a blur. But, I have never actually done it by myself (without a safety net!). I therefore need a blow by blow description of how to perform these tasks (specifically applicable to my own machine), as well as what the various settings mean (e.g. the letters for quick format etc), to give me the confidence to do it. ANY help would be gratefully appreciated.

  jazzypop 13:29 20 Feb 2003
  droof 10:23 21 Feb 2003


Thanks, Have done a quick check of both sites - will try them out in the not too distant future, and get back with the result.



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